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Thursday, 15 January 2015

If that hope is blind, An article by Chandrika Kuntay

He is my schoolmate. I had a crush on him in my teen age. Every day in class I stalk him for no reason. I see him daily, if I didn’t find him I search for him. I dream about him in the classroom. But, I fear to talk to him and whenever I faces him I go numb. Few years later I find his contact number through my classmates. I reach him and becomes his close friend. Eventually I fall in love with him. Expecting him to propose me, but he doesn’t do that. Then one fine day I propose him but he denies it. Instead he asks me to be friends with benefits. I totally shatter and asks him the reason why he doesn't love me. Then he replies ‘I like you but I never thought of love. I have feelings for you but it is not love. It is totally the feelings of lust.’ Then, I try all possible ways to make him realize how much I love him. But he strongly sticks to his word. 

Later, in college a guy tries to befriend me. My instincts says that he loves me. After coming out of the previous heart break, it feels pleasure to be loved by someone who is better than the earlier one in looks and as a person. Then we exchange our phone numbers. After exchanging few messages, finally he proposes me a fine day. But I say, ‘I like you but I don’t have the feelings of love. I can be your friend. But, love has not happened to me.’ He shatters down and tries to convince me through messages but I ignore it.

Then, I thought and I've learned why the reason some people always try to approach, contact or messages us for every hour and every single minute. Are those meant to make us fall in love or to take advantage to befriend for their desires and benefits?

If we are in love with the person who messages us regularly we become over positive about the things happening with us. We feel that love is happening with them too. But, in reality not. As we are over positive to the situation we construct hopes. Later which destructs it.

Contrary to that, if we love the company of someone who message us frequently, we become selfish. Without caring how it affects that person, we chat with them as if we love them which has adverse affects someday.

This is the story of teenagers which happens, who constructs hopes on someone in dreams which is blind. I suggest them that, constructing a hope in reality which is not blind is a 'Good hope.' It doesn't have ill effects.

'Hope is a Good thing perhaps the best of all things but no Good thing will ever dies.' But I want to sumup this line, 'Hope is sometimes a cruel thing, if that hope is blind.'

Article by:

Chandrika Kuntay

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