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Sunday, 8 March 2015

A love mistake. An Article by Chandrika Kuntay

Any event that happens to us for the first time has a deep impact. Everything appears as a pristine. It rejuvenates us. This concept of ‘first love’ has inhabited as a culture in humans. I ponder, how people frantically obey to this, if their ‘first love’ crashes over. Whatever might be the love plot in their life that had happened for the first time, they entitle it as their ‘first love’ and concur to the notions of heat break and the first love. This is for today’s youth, whoever feels that ‘There's no love like the first’, give a thought once again to your opinions.

There is a psychological fact behind this concept, that is needed to be grasped. When you lose your love or first love, you feel that he/she is the only one that you could ever love or replace anyone with. It’s a state of mental agony. During this period of mental state, you say, ‘love happens only once and you are not going to love anyone further in your life.’

When ever something very bad happens to your life, that is, if anyone very close to you dies in an accident, you grapple for many days. You memorize them umpteen times. Eventually you come out of it. It doesn't mean that you forget them or your love for them has decreased. You will accept the reality that they have passed away from your life and will not come back. It takes some time to come to reality whenever you are in a trauma or to resist for the change that occur. Later, you move on with your life. Everyone does. But, we don’t left alone with sorrow making our lives miserable. Isn't it? So as to a love, when it doesn't re-bounce.

Time heals everything.

Don’t afraid to fall in love again. Don’t stuck with the misconception of 'first love' or the 'only love.' First love might not be true always. Remember it’s a first event that had occurred to you but not necessarily the best. Take sometime off. Rejuvenate. Make out best moments and fall in love again. These best memorable times washes away the scars of your previous heart break easily. Always hold the memories with you if it is the best, not the first.
 Don’t mistake a best love if it not comes first. And also don’t be left alone with the heart break of the first love, thinking that it’s the only best.

An Article by:
Chandrika Kuntay

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