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Just Saying

Saturday, 6 June 2015

An Indifferent Love Stroy, by HAC

"I do not want an extra ordinary love story where one of us dies. And even if it has to be like this, I should be the one dying, not you." Moisture was pricking the back of her eyes.
"You are drunk. Too much of Alcohol got past your lips. We had decided that life will be a grand party for the rest of the time left with me and we will not whine about the fact that I am dying."
He got annoyed and started walking away, putting the yards between us.
"Stop! Please…" She shouted. It was raining again and her dress was getting soaked.
He stopped, and came back to hug her. He knew that the time left was too worthy to be spent on fights. Every second spent in anger was the second wasted. "Why you always do this? Cannot you just stop whining?"
"I am just scared."
"Scared of?" He enveloped her in his arms, hiding her face completely.
"Scared that there will be a day when I will ask you to stop and you won't stop, cause it won't be in our hands and will anymore. And, I cannot live with this truth that there will be a tomorrow without you."
He had no answer to it. The quiet was so palpable. They could almost taste it.
-Himanshu Appie Chhabra

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