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Just Saying

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Finally meeting her..... by Raj Jayswal

3 May’12

I leaved the house to meet her, but still wasn’t believing that finally I will be able to meet her. She had tried a lot to meet me, but failed. First time she got late from school, so couldn’t come. Then her mom was at home, so she can’t come out. And then her dad saw her getting out, thank god he didn’t saw us together. But no complains, I was going to
meet her now.

I again saw her message, which she sent just 10 minutes back. It said ‘come at the place in 10 minutes’. I read it twice this time. I was seeing that msg for at least 10th time in last five minutes. I reached at the place. There were auto-rickshaws parked there. I got ahead of those rickshaws, so that nobody could see us. I dunno why but I was checking my watch every 2 minutes. I was walking here and there like a idiot. I was thinking about the promise I had made to her…I promised her that I will hug her this time when we meet.

I know it’s not a big deal to hug someone. But I am not a big stud and this is my first and last relationship with a girl. So I was nervous as hell and was shitting in my pants. I was thinking how would I do that. I told myself that I can do this. But I was getting more nervous. I took a deep breathe and told I can do this…again and again. I was getting more confident and normal and suddenly I heard my name being called out. I turned and there was she.

A beautiful puppy face, eyes of a newly born child, cute nose, sweet pinkish lips, blackish-brown hair. She is just like a Rasgulla, full of sweetness…just that she is more sweeter. She wore purple t-shirt and blue jeans. She looked really beautiful. I wished I could held her in my arms and never let her go.

As I saw her my pulse rate became faster and again I got nervous. I went blank. I somehow started talking to her. As we were talking in back of my mind I was thinking about the hug. How will I do that? And suddenly we both fell silent. I wanted to speak but words didn’t escape my mouth.

She started staring at me right into my eyes. She was staring in such a different way. I looked back in those eyes. I knew why she was looking like that. But that look of her, the way she looked I can’t forget those eyes. As if she wanted something from me and she was badly in need of that…just like a cancer patient who needs life.

I couldn’t hold on to look in her eyes, I dropped the eye contact. I was feeling a little uncomfortable. I saw from corner of my eyes that she was still looking at me. Her eyes asking for my promise.

I looked back at her, I dunno what happened to me I just move forward and hugged her. And that moment I couldn’t believe I was doing that. I could smell her sweet fragrance, her hair blowing on my face. Those few moments were so magical. After some time we parted. She waved me goodbye and left. I looked at her till she was out of view. After she left I stood there for few minutes, still wasn’t believing that I really hugged her.

As I turned to leave I saw a rickshaw wala was looking at me. I was damn sure he saw everything that we did. We didn’t even notice him all the while. We were just so lost in each other. He was looking as if I had just kissed her in public. I gave him a big smile in return of his arrogant look.

At home also I was smiling like a maniac. That day mom asked me many times why I am smiling so much…everytime I said nothing and would go to other room. That day was most memorable day of my life. Later I said about my constant smiling to her. She said that she was no different.

Now also when I think of those beautiful moments…I can still feel her in my arms. I can still feel her touch…it was just amazing and beautiful. Moments like this makes life worth living….

Love you Miss. Impatient…<3

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