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Just Saying

Friday, 28 September 2012

I wish... IT'S SAME ROUTINE DAY. By- Sid

Tring tring tring...
Alarm is freaking out since past 40mins.
Damn..!!! who is the guy who invented this alarms disturbing my lovely
sleep with sweetest dreams with my girl.


Everyday i woke up with this same thought in my mind but still happy
for this cause i gotta rush to watch my baby soon after i reach our
Requesting my friends to shift places with her's to sit by her all the
class holding her hand.

Sending cute texts to her saying "Can't wait longer to hold u in my arms baby".
Planning for a date and managing attendance and parents. Standing on
the hilltop hugging her tight and shouting "she's mine".

Getting late to home and giving some bluffy examples to mom for being
late and getting into sleep to meet her in my dreams.

It's different today.
Sitting on bed and waiting for alarm to ring and staring why it is
sleeping more than me.

I rush to class to just sit and stare at her.
Requesting my friends to not come in my way when I'm watching her cute face.
Waiting for mobile to vibrate for a text showing her name.

Standing alone on hilltop and remembering all our old but sweet memories.
Going early to home and sitting ideal in-front of those dumb TV channels.
Waiting for sleep to take me over to my dreamland empty without my baby.

She's gone leaving me all alone.
I wish the alarm could disturb my sleep.
I wish she could come back in my life.
I wish.......!!


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