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Just Saying

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Incomplete without you :( . By_ Poonam Bhagtani

Sitting on the terrace under a black moonless sky, having your picture in my hand while listening your favorite song ‘main laut aaunga’ I am thinking of you, pages from the past memories are flipping rapidly. I can see all of them, all your memories still fresh in my mind.
I still remember the day we met two years ago on the educational seminar. U looked captivating in the crowd of so many people. Accidentally we exchanged short glance, I saw your eyes and at that moment I was lost in them. It felt like some magic that my focus shifted from seminar to you. I think your situation was more or less same as mine that’s why you saved yourself from the eyes of your friends and found a place to sit next to me.
My heart started beating so fast even faster than a metro train. I became speechless, but you were always helpful. You started friendly conversation and I thanked you for saving me from boring seminar. After that we exchanged our numbers and parted sadly.
Later on that day I was sleeping when I received your msg which said ‘hey,, sorry to disturb your beauty sleep but can’t wait to talk to you.’ It brought a big smile on my sleepy face. Gradually we started talking for long hours and no wonder that we became each others priority
I loved it when you used to do little things in a very special way to make me smile. Your initiation was one of them. You were the one to let me know about your feelings for me, though I felt the same for you but I was not sure about long distance relationship. You assure me that after three months you will be back here. It was the hardest three months of my life.
I was so exhilarated by the news that you are coming back finally our wait was going to over. I didn’t know how to react, what to say but I was blushing all day even my friends teased me but that day I loved everything. I wanted to come at the railway station and receive you but you denied and told me that you are not directly coming here. I didn’t mind as I was so much happy.
I was eagerly waiting for you, it was too late but you have not arrived yet. I tried calling you for several times but every time there was no answer. I had an unshakable premonition. After some time my cell phone rang flashing your name I picked it up while shivering on the second side it was not you. I started panicking that person was your friend who without manipulating informed me that you met with an accident on your way when you were coming to me after meeting with your friend. You found dead on the spot. I cut the call and switched off the phone. I wanted to cry like maniacs but tears denied to come out, I went numb. All I could do was locked myself in room and burst out in tears, just wanted to sleep and think it as a bad dream but it was reality.
You were gone leaving me alone. I wanted to tell you how much I love you that I am incomplete without you. Now I am dieing everyday just because I am still alive without you but there is no life in me.
I just wish that lyrics from your favorite song come true and you can get back to me. I am incomplete without you.
I can never meet you,, but I love you
I love you in my heart, in my dreams
I love you in my tears, in my silent screams…

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