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Just Saying

Sunday, 30 September 2012


"Bro come out soon, i am already late to college" my sis kept knocking
on bathroom door.

After having my haircut this morning and clean shaved, it took me
really long to have a bath. I wore the white suit that she gifted for
me to wear it on my birthday. So i had it on me to see my baby smile.

I sprayed "OBSESSION by Calvin Klein" which she gifted me on our
anniversary last month. The moment she smelled the perfume, I want to
see my baby smile.

I started to her place and took a bouquet jeweled with her favorite
white roses, a dozen of her favorite Dairy-milk chocolates, A bottle of
our favorite Appy Fizz, a cute 3 feet white colored teddy bear. The
moment i gift her these, I want to see my baby smile.

I reached her place, it's her dad's farmhouse far from the city on
shore of beach and usually no one visits the place except us. It's our
hangout spot. Whenever we got some time to ourselves, we will
definitely hangout here cuddling each other. When one of us feel
lonely and other is quite busy, we hangout with our favorite Appy
Fizz remembering past memories.

I was passing through many people today who are waiting for me and the
memorable occasion and i finally reached her. There she was, just like
an angel in her white gown which i gifted her on our anniversary.

She had her usual light makeup on her face, her chubby cheeks, lips
softer than rose petals and i could clearly smell her perfume "LOLITA
LEMPICKA" which i gifted her on her birthday. I am eagerly waiting to
look at her eyes whose color can dominate even color of deep blue sea.
I moved near her. Kept my hand on her forehead and with my thumb i
slowly opened her eyelids looking deeply in the eyes which showered
tonnes of love on me once but now without any life in them and lying
on this bed resting in peace.

I kept all gifts around her bed and whispered in her ears "I'm here
with all the things you love baby. Please wake-up and take them."

I wish i could see my baby wake-up and hug me tight.
I wish i could feel her warmth on me again.
I wish i could SEE MY BABY SMILE. But i can't.:(
Missing You My Love.
By- Sid

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