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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Book Review: Flirting with Fate

Anand.... Can we call him a criminal? Well, Probably Yes and Probably No. He was an ordinary Human Being searching for happiness and love in his inner as well as outer world. A unique criminal thriller, teaching us the very interesting fact of life. "No one is criminal by birth":-)
 Anand's character is described pretty well. I can fit myself in his shoes and can actually evolve myself with the circumstances. Anand is beseeching for a single word called "Victory".  On his way to victory, he made several mistakes, Small as well as big ones. He becomes criminal.
       He starts committing crimes to get the things he wanted in life. He picked an unethical way to get them. He was selfish, he turned into a devil. He starts making damages to the people around. "YOU AREN'T A CRIMINAL, UNTIL YOU START HURTING OTHERS". I mean i lied several times, sometime for seeking attention, sometime for the fear of losing someone very special and sometime to make others happy. but never for winning.

       Result......He won the outer world. Now it was time to feed the inner world. He was never satisfied. They say we can't buy happiness. How can Anand forget that? He tried to convince himself that he was an ultimate power now. and he kept on trying until his KARMA"s RETURNED.

  Story turned into a boring 60's, 70's old Bollywood movie. i could predict everything, but the story was written so nicely that i  never tried to skip few pages or Paragraphs.  I kept on turning pages, and on the other side Anand started losing everything one by one. End is very tragic and emotional. but things weren't ended yet. After reading it, i was disappointed, disappointed with the fact that my KARMA's will also RETURN. Damn, i couldn't slept last night.

Best stuff inside the cover:     Fluffy was charm of the Book. I love animals, specially dogs. After completing the book, i actually started missing him. Weird, isn't it? She penned down the character intensely realistic. Fluffy always brought humor and interest in the story.

A very mature writing as a debut novel. I can see the efforts made by Preeti Singh
very easily. She gave away every drop of her expereince to make the book effective and Ironic. Actually, i was fed up of reading Love stories and changes are always better. but this was the best change, i ever experienced. Go....Go.... read it fast. :-)  

A well written book, i will give
3.5/5 Rating
 A MUST read book, my KARMA's will Return, if i will give it a bad Review. :-D

By- Himanshu Chhabra

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