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Just Saying

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Interview of Death - Sid

QUESTION: You've appeared to a very few people to answer questions.
And you've appeared here before me. Why don't you go to every single
individual, so that every one may have the chance to ask about
whatever they want to know?

DEATH: It's been found that people don't know what to ask. They waste
time, and try to gain time, by asking questions that have nothing to
do with me.

QUESTION: What sort of questions should they ask?
DEATH: It's not for me to teach people what they should ask.

QUESTION: If you're not going to guide people as to the questions they should
ask, they can only ask what they feel is important. Andyou have but to
answer. What difference does it make to you?
DEATH: First, as I said, they ask questions that have nothing to do with
me. Most of the questions should be asked of other Powers, and they
should be asked much earlier in life. As to the questions that have to
do with me specifically, they are needless questions. The answers are
already there for everyone who'll take the trouble to think about
these matters. And that leaves the questions that are more complaints
than anything else. And the attempts to gain precious moments of life.

QUESTION: There are questions that cannot be answered no matter how much one
thinks about them. Even the greatest thinkers have been unable to
answer them though they've devoted a lifetime to thinking about them.
The average person is in no position to give it that much time in
thinking, and they don't have the thinking capacity. But anyway, as I
said, even the best thinkers have not been able to get the answers.
Only you can answer these questions, if you would be there at the end,
and if you would be willing to answer.

DEATH: If, after all the best efforts of the best thinkers throughout
history, the answers have not been found, it can only mean there are
no answers to be found. Or it can only mean they are asking the wrong
questions. The other thing is, the questions are being put to the
wrong body. I can only answer what is within my capacity. But, after
all is said, you will find that the questions that seem to remain
unanswered are not really questions at all. They are merely
expressions of frustration at something that is inevitable, and that
cannot be changed.

QUESTION: If something is inevitable and cannot be changed, and it is
something that causes so much pain and sorrow, why give the awareness
of it? Why couldn't humans be like animals that have no awareness of
death? If awareness has been granted, and the capacity to think has
been granted, it can only be because humans are expected to think over
the matter. But then, despite all the thinking, the answers aren't
given. That is why we expect it of you, that you might at the final
moment provide the answer.

DEATH: There, you've just done exactly what I've been saying. This is not
for me to answer. Humans have been given the awareness of death. I
didn't give it, and I cannot answer why they've been given it. Humans
have the power to think, not from me and not for me to explain.
Despite all their thinking they cannot get the answers to their
questions. Questions that are not for me to answer.

QUESTION: What it comes down to is that you simply do not want to answer, and
you conveniently escape the responsibility of answering by shifting
the burden on to the other powers.

DEATH: What it comes down to is that you know all there is to know about
death, but are unwilling to accept all you know. Your questions are a
form of rebellion against death. But death is inevitable. Once you
accept that you will have no further questions of me.
As to all the other questions, you have all your life to think and to
seek answers. If you choose to waste your life in other pursuits and
then at the last moment realize that you did not bother to think on
these matters, there's nothing I can do for you. Once the
inevitability of death is accepted, all the other questions can be
answered by the human mind.
By- Sid

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