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Just Saying

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Stuck on u....

i checked ma watch again...9.30 pm...m waiting for past one and half hour...and still no sign of her...i had tried calling her n also texted her but her cell was unreachable...damn...i was so sick of her "excuses" ...and now i vl have to listen to some more of them...i decided in ma mind...that this is too much now...i have every right to get angry on her...i have every right to shout at her...enuf is enuf..i vl do it today...i was building up ma so called “courage” but i was disturbed..

“sir we are closing d kitchen now” waiter said

“ohh...just wait for 5 more minz...i vl order “.. i replied in somewhat mortifying tone..
He just gave me another of those disgruntled look..probably he was expecting something different from me...
I remember how he had wishd me and guided me towards the table i had reserved with that happydent it was as if every1 was looking towards me as if i had commited a big crime...

(n another big agony that i cant order even...cuz madam always has her own choices and that too her choices differ everytym...and to be frank everytym she is d 1 who i wudnt dare to break that so called “tradition”..)

C’mon...wat can i do if ma gal promises me to arrive half n hour before our fixed tym...n yet havnt arrived 1 and half___________ *ma thots were broken midway thru as i saw some1 entering thru d restaurant door*

There she is...i said in ma mind (anger still in ma eyes)...ohh hold on...was she wearing that yellow chudidaar..yes she was wearing that same yellow churidaar which i had gifted her on her bday...n those necklace and earings...and ofcuz those matching bangles,..m sure she must have returned from some party/function...she caught ma glance and i responded by waving ma hand... she responded with a flying kiss

God..i have to admit 25% stake in that so called anger on her instantly vanished as a result of her “bold and beautiful” look/entry

She came and sat, i was still in the mist of that remaing 75% anger on her...
“so...hw u sweety..?? she asked in her sweet voice..she was unperturbed as if everything was going perfect
“where the hell were u???.. U are 1 hour 40 minz late” i bursted ...simultaneously pointing towards my watch (as to add some extra effect to ma statement)

She kept quiet for a while and then replied with that sweet convincing tone of her
“listen i was busy baby...u know today jyotika won a dance competition she threw a party..and u know na ma presence was “inevitable”..”
“inevitable ha...nice...and wat bout ur presence with me...and wt bout ur phone..???”
“ok ok ...i said sorry na...and my phone is weird”

“wt???...ur phone is weird..???....c’mon thats d kinda answer u this isn’t fair...i want proper xplaination..” ...yes i was going rite...i was bout to succeed in ma mission but then something weird hapend..

She said ok she vl xplain but slowly in ma ears....i tilted ma head and went closer...and she did the most unexpected thing....she came closer turned ma head back straight...and planted a kiss on ma lips....i cant literally write how it felt and stuff...cuz that tym ma brain died cuz of heart attack

But my heart described it later...and these are those words straight from my heart

I am convinced that right now if you zoomed into my eyes,
behind the darkness of my lids you would see fireworks that matched
the popping in my ears and vivid flowing of my blood.
Right now I am pretty sure I have no lungs
The most perfect kiss of my life.
I never want it to end, but you know I need my lungs back

We were both quite even though 5 minutes had passed since then...she must have felt little awkward later cuz this was very straightforward from her part...i thought of talking something productive

“so ma’am kitchen is closed now, aren’t u hungry”....i said looking straight into her enticing eyesight...god damn it...wt m i saying...n y d hell u giving me that look ...i took ma eyesight back on menu again
“come..” she said holding ma hand...
“i have seen bhelpuri stall outside...lets eat there..”

 She was eating every pani puri with such a pleasure...
I had finished my bhelpuri and was thinking...ofcuz bout that “incident” 15 minutes ago
She was saying something and i was lost in my own thoughts...thoughts about how lucky i was to have some1 like her in my life...

“pawan listen...u know what unlike goans. I don’t like eating in those ravish big restaurants,showing off fashion, night life, partying all the tym,living a hi-fi life...m a simple bangalorean...and i like life to be simple...and ofcuz i love simple people ....may be thats the reason why i love you..”
She said and winked at me
“hmm...that xplains my reason to be quite at the restaurant”...i said
And we both laughed (my 75% anger had dissapeard long back)

She was stuck by that simple truth...that most of the ordinary things can be made extra ordinary..if u have rite people with u...
And i...well i was stuck by d same bt in “vice versa” manner...

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