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Monday, 15 October 2012

The Frame Of Mind: Part 1

The Frame Of Mind: Part 1

One Day, I, Rahul (that's my name!!!), and a few of my friends, Ankit, Rohit and Anand, were discussing our day-to-day lives, work, education, love stories, etc. During the discussion, we observed that a lot has changed in due time. Lets go a little backwards...

Four years back from now: June’2008

I, Rahul,  Age 21, was a student in the second year of a renowned institute in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. My best friends Ankit, Rohit and Anand were searching out for me, who was sitting by the beautiful lake behind the college campus. They came sprinting along when I told them I was here. That was never a strange site for them once they knew me well. Whenever I am not in a good mood, and want to spend some time alone, I used to go to a very few selected places. This was one of them. It was calm out here, with the cool breeze running through the hairs, as if it is someone’s hand. Previously, all my classmates used to think that I am a weird, keeping myself away from all of them. If that was true in any sense, I wouldn’t have found these friends.

Ankit had a very simple and straight formula for success: Work in a well established firm for a couple of years and then study abroad.

Rohit: He just wanted to get a highly paid job.

Anand: He was a visionary. He wanted to bring a revolution in the new generation. This, he thought, could be achieved by creating awareness about education.

I, on the other hand, had a dream, of establishing a musical studio, or even better (or worse), create awareness about music in the remotest parts of the country.

Somehow, there was something that connected us all. It was the unity of thoughts. We always used to support each others’ decisions, and if required suggested better ways of doing things. We studied together, stared at girls together, rode in the darkest parts of the city at night, went to temples (Patbaba being the favourite of all). Besides all of that, everyone among us was sure that we will achieve in life what we wished for, but hardly anyone of us knew, what was about to follow... (to be continued...)

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