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Monday, 15 October 2012

The Frame Of Mind: Part 2


Part 2: Who is Rashi?:

“Hey Rahul!”, shouted Anand. “We’ve been looking for ages, and you’re sitting here. What is it that dragged you here today?”
“It’s nothing”, I lied.
“Find yourself a lie detector, or are you trying to motivate me to make one?”
“Hahaha, you and lie detector! Give me a break”.
“Don’t you dare challenge me!!! ”

Anand had always been this sort. He got serious this time, fading away from the thought that they had come here to tell me something.

“Hey you guys sort that once we leave college today. We’ve come here to tell you that Rashi is looking for you. I guess you’ve lost another one of her assignments this time!!! She’s crying in the common room...” infuriated Rohit blurted out in a flash...

Rashi (the only girl I was friendly with), if not for the sake of publicity, never cry for a silly thing like assignments. We met for the first time in the ED workshop, where I had asked her for an eraser. An (almost) always sincere and decent boy at school, I never forgot silly things like pencils or erasers, ever. But somehow I used to forget (intentionally probably) once I got into the college. Eraser was only a gateway to find a way to talk to her. Surprizingly, Rashi never got irritated in sharing her things with me. All the time I’ve known her, she has always been possessive about the things she owned: her stationary, her bag, her scooty, her friends... 

That’s Rashi: An ambitious girl, good at painting, loves drama and pranks, and most importantly, we sort of liked each other... So I could call her my girlfriend.

But why was she crying? As soon as I received this information, I rushed towards the common room. I snatched the water bottle from Ankit and did not mind his ruthless face expression on that. I know he will get through it :P... But Rashi.... GOD Rashi... "why the hell is she crying!!! Something's wrong!!!"

The Girls Common Room (GCR) was situated right beside the Chemistry Department of the college. This place has been the safest place for the new comers (freshers). Surrounded by Professors and Readers all around, no creepy senior could roam anywhere near this place! That was where we used to have lunch together, right outside the GCR, all of us : Anand, Rohit, Ankit, Rashi and me. She was comfortable with all of us, and she was a sweet heart to us all, and everyone else was jealous of this...

The moment she saw me, she ran towards me and placed her head down on my shoulder. I knew that something was terribly wrong. I gave her the bottle of water and asked her to calm down and tell me everything.
“Daddy met with an accident. A truck ran over him when he was returning back from office. I need to leave for Delhi right away... Couldn’t tell anyone else.” and she broke again...
I knew why she told that only to me. First, because she can trust me with anything and everything, and secondly, I had an equally bad experience with a terrible accident myself... (to be continued....)

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  1. My god, sharma ji , it looks like another nice book on college life in making awesome work..You complete it i promise to get it published...

  2. hey, beautiful stuff

    1. Thanks friend...

      Keep following us... :)

  3. wowwwwwwww!!j-don't know whether it's a real incident or just a story but its simply heart touching..just complete it as soon as u can n then try 2 publish,m totally agree with devesh s.all the best:))

  4. Awesome work Sharma ji... keep going..


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