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Just Saying

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Window secrets

Ruskin Bond always loved the view from his window. He created stories outta them and imagined things to be narrated.
When bored from office work my eyes also start wandering outta the window...

My room would be on the 3rd floor of the building. The view from my now office desk is a building a little far away, lower from this buildings height. And there stands a huge Gulmohar tree. In summers now beautiful scarlet Gulmohar flowers have started blooming. Huge and so magnificent. Show off and proud of the glow. Beautiful and long entangled branches spread out, green every where and birds perching on it. Something good to distract me from my work and find some peace in heart. There would be Rock Pigeons sitting and preening on the branches, crows and Jungle Babblers. Around dusk would here calls of Asian Koels, Rufous Treepies and Black Kites. Of course how can I forget, once I saw two woodpeckers around the branches pecking. Alas I did not have my camera that day. Palm squirrels  also often roam around the tree.

And very obviously these are only observed when the window blinds are open, else its just like sitting in a box. :/

Just near by the window pane, below the window AC there a concrete space where small plants and grass have grown and water accumulates from the AC's water. Pigeons very often rest there, preen, play and drink water from there. Pigeons are next good creatures I see around me from office. They take my mind away from my work and I love it :)

And yep I forgot I'm updated about various weathers outside :)

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