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Sunday, 4 November 2012

A day of curses! By Abhinand Jaguva

Sara was back to normalcy. I realized that only my presence with her has made her better. I thought I should never make her suffer yet again. So as a first step for keeping her happy I decided to take her out. One fine morning I called her to say that we were going out by evening though I never knew where to take her. She was very happy hearing it. Around 6 at the evening I took my bike to pick up sara at her house. I enjoyed the few minutes ride and I was excited about taking her out as if it was the first time. I reached her house and I was welcomed by her mother. We had the formal talks and she left in asking me to wait for sara. After waiting for quite few minutes I saw someone walking down the stairs .A familiar face with gorgeous look was heading towards me. She was looking like an absolute stunner. For the first time sara made me to go freeze by her looks. Her face looked brighter than ever before. It clearly showed that she too was excited about our outing. We bade her mother a goodbye and took a leave from her house.

The ride with sara after long time gave me ecstasy. I felt proud to have a gorgeous looking girl by my side. We were clueless as to where to go. Thinking for a while sara said me to land at the café day. So we found ourselves in café day within few minutes. As soon as I stepped in, the memories of rika bounced into my head. The memories of the day when I was with rika in a similar café at banglore started haunting me again. All my excitement and ecstasy vanished by the very same moment. Sara on the other hand was enjoying every seconds. We took the corner table and sara sat very close to me .Her face pinkish. But my thought was full of rika. Though I felt very guilt, I was not able to stop thinking about her. I was even not able to concentrate on what the stunning gorgeous was saying. I did not even hear what she ordered for us though I know she would order nothing else than brownie. I was totally out of the world until I felt sara’s hand on mine. After gaining my conscious I tried not to think about rika, but I failed. So I decided at least to act as if I was enjoying the day with sara. I felt very sorry for sara who was showering me with all her love. Meanwhile our orders arrived and so I started to concentrate on it. Sara, who ordered brownie for her took a spoon of it to feed me. Seeing her doing so I cursed myself for what I’m now. Soon we finished our orders and hence we took a leave.

On the ride back to sara’s house the happiness and the feel which I had was no more. Soon we reached her house and I bade her goodnight. On return she gave a peck on my forehead. I was not able to stay there anymore. My guilt killed me inside. As I reached my house, my mom, who thought that I was enjoying the evening with sara, smiled at me. To show that all went well I gave her a return smile and rushed to my room before she showers me with her questions about the evening. Locking me behind the door I felt like shouting aloud. But I ended up by cursing me the whole night. 

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  1. My guilt killed me inside. grt work

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