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Just Saying

Friday, 30 November 2012

GOODBYE......., A Poem by Papan Basu

The dark night stars are no longer mine.
The moments, what we spent with love and feelings,
Are now among my precious lost things …

The telephone no longer rings
Her favorite song I no longer sing
Her favorite dress I used to wear
Reminds me now she no longer cares….

We made too many dreams and plans
Now our entire dream castle turns into sand.
While we walks and talks upon the beach
Those dreams are now finally out of reach.

You used to tell all our love is strong and true
Believing your words I never want anyone but you.
You will realize the fact very soon
After the disappearance of the moon…

You will come across to me,
I will no longer here, you to see..
You will hold my hand and say “HI”
You are late dear, it’s time to say GOODBYE….

-Papan Basu

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  1. hey dis poem is really nice..:)

  2. it is difficult to say gd bye......

  3. yup..... it seems your love for the girl still genuine...........

  4. adorable dude!!

  5. Papan you must be a bit more careful while writing. There are too many errors in the poem. The thought is fantastic, the pathos is also there but you got to improve the language."Her favorite dress I used to wear"... what do you mean by this line??? There are many such mistakes which you will have to eliminate.

  6. great one dude..... :) awesome ...


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