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Just Saying

Saturday, 17 November 2012

I would like to make you mine! By Abhinand Jaguva

The guilt never stopped me. It was killing me from inside. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I was feeling pity on Sara for my behaviour. I know that I shouldn’t betray her and I should be true at least from now. I was thinking how to overcome this issue. But that made me go sick. So I switched on the television to distract myself. As I was surfing the channels my eyes suddenly got struck with a scene from some movie. A girl in scooty with covered face. The very scene took me to the memories of Rika.  Black and white images of the moments I spent with her flashed on my mind like a slideshow. Very soon my lips curved and I smiled for the 1st time in a week.

Rika was all clouded in my head. Her cute face, fuzzy hair, rosy lips and I started admiring her in my mind. I saw Rika’s photo in my mobile. She smiled at me.

The very next moment I logged in to my facebook profile and was checking out the news feed. Nothing was interesting because I was only interested about Rika. I opened her profile and was shocked to see her new profile picture. The anxiety in me opened her picture and started admiring her. She was much more beautiful than the previous picture. A close up picture compared to the previous one and it drove me little poetic.
Photo courtesy: GOOGLE

“Baby you’re just fit and fine,
I would like to make you mine.”

I had three options to do with that photo.
1. Like
2. Comment
3. Download.

Soon my hand went for the 3rd option and I saved it in her folder. Then I changed my wallpaper of both my PC and mobile with the new picture. And of course I went for the first option as well and I was the 30th to like the picture. Darn! I cursed myself for the late. I sent her a message stating “The new picture is just awesome. You could try modeling; I hope you would beat both KK’s”. And I came back to my job of admiring her. In few minutes a pop up sound came. It was a response from Rika and I soon saw she was online.

Oh thanks and I don’t have any idea like that. She sent. She is so precise in her chat and I liked it.

“You have bright chances. How are you?” I said to continue the chat.

“Fine and you?” she said.

“I’m good. When can we meet next?” I asked.

“Why should we meet and what is the purpose?” She said and was quite harsh.

“Just like that. As friends I don’t think we need a purpose to meet.”

“No need of meeting and that was just an accident. I don’t have any intention to meet any one. Especially boys.”

“Why? What sin did boys commit?” I asked

“I don’t believe in them. Everyone would end up in love.”

Man! She is Stubborn. Stubborn girls will have a good character and will not have any dealings with any others. They do their own work silently.

“Oh I see, hope you would have experienced it if I’m not wrong.” I said to clarify.

“That’s none of your business.”She snapped.

“Chill! How is your life going?”

“Aacha, I need to go out. Catch you later.”

“See you, take care.” I said.

She is a witch. She made me to forget my own issues and made me happy in few minutes.

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