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Just Saying

Friday, 16 November 2012

It was this one, BY MANISH SRINI

It was this one Saturday
when i wanted you to stay
with flowers in my arms 
and my heart beating like drums,
you seemed too busy 
to spend a night with this shabby,
while i bid you a goodbye 
you showed only a sigh,
who knew that your love
would only shove...... you to death....

It was the saddest of Sunday's
which brought a break to my fun-days,
when i first saw you in sleep
it took me too very deep,
while my eyes couldn't see, where i wanted to be,
but my heart seemed to know,
that this was the place I've been longing to go,
what if you didn't stay,
am still alive to make a way..... into your heart!

I dug my way.......  into your grave
 to hold your hand and let the love stay.......
wish you stayed with me
when the hope's were like a sea,
but now nothing seems so real
except the body with no zeal,
your soul seems to be lost
in the whispers of the gust,
please let me be 
your savior for free....
though there's no hopes of a win
let the love finally be the one
to be seen as we both lay rest in this scene....


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