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Just Saying

Just Saying

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

(Boy) (Friend)

Friends.. Well.. Its not that difficult to define them.!! They are the one who stand by you even when the dogs and bitches walk out..
They are true to you and make you smile.. Yet they can be extremely Kaminas at the same time.!!
But how will one define a friendship whose intensity, insecurities and heights of possesivesness can beat any typical love story.!??

Is the tag of 'Just Friends' applicable here.??

I have one such friend.. Well.. Calling him only a friend would be a rape of our Friendship.!!
He's my world.. My happiness.. But yes he's just a friend!

Himanshu Chabbra.. 6 feet tall, good looking, perfectly toned body.. He is someone any girl will fall in love with.. (not me!)
Moreover he is funny! And is always ready to hit upon any girl with his filmy lines..(cheesy, I tell you)

I know everything about him.. (well yes I really do)
From his favorite book.. To his favorite brand! From his favorite color to favorite coffee (Bru! Yuk.. He cant afford any other!)
From his ex girlfriend to his current girlfriend(s) (He's dating three right now)

On Phone:

Me- Don't tell me!!!
Himanshu- why your sounding so shocked.??

Me- You dumbass! This is 5th time in a week your telling me that i am in LOVE.!!!
Himanshu- ale baba.. I am serious this time..

Me- like always!
Himanshu- it's too cold here in Hisar, i need a hot girlfriend now! ;)

Me- huh.. Whatever! Whats her name?
Himanshu- umm.. Priya..

Me- YOU PERVERT!! She is my sister..huh!
Himanshu- and I am your bestest buddy.!!

Me- bestest is no word.. :D
Himanshu- yah yah! Stop flaunting about your English! I know you are doing Angrezi honors.!!! but it's still B.A. :P

Me- You are an idiot.. And I hate you! (I didnt mean that)
Himanshu- whatever!! I want that girl.. In two days.. Ok! And yeah!
Change your DP, you look skinny in those pants..!!

Me- I am not that thin.. ( i am actually.. Just 40 kgs )
Himanshu- hahaha.. Poor joke.. Your Flat.!!!

Me- Haww.. Not again..
Himanshu- ok ok you have got a Kareena Kapoor figure! Happy? Hahaha
Me- I Hate Kareena, you know that..

Himanshu- you hate every girl I like.. You jealous.. Han.. Han.??

Me- Jealous my jootii.. F O.!!!
Himanshu- It's not your fault flat figure! Every girl loves me.. Mera charm.. You see.. ;)

Me- Fine! Find any other best friend then.. Someone who can buy you socks.. Someone who can edit your stupid articles.. And yeah! Someone who can remind you of your never ending anniversaries.. Find one. Huh!

Himanshu- oh oh oh.! Everything is fine.. But my articles are not Stupid!!! You know na, how much I love writing.. So no insult..

Me- okay! Fine.. By the way I have made your presentation.. Will mail you in the evening!
Himanshu- good.. And yah! Your sister.. Neha.. I want her.. Two days is the deadline..

He disconnected the call.. (I could hear her mum shouting in the background)
Me- (to myself) She is Priya. Not Neha.. Dumb!!

Priya enters the room.. As soon as i keeps my phone aside..

Rewind!! Rewind!! Rewind!! :)

I am staying with my cousin, heena in a rented Flat.. Priya is studying commerce and i am into humanities.. (Yes..Priya is the one Himanshu was talking about, YOU GUESSED IT RIGHT!!!)

Priya- it was Himanshu on phone right.??
Me- yeah!

Priya- well.. Umm.. I hope you guys are not seeing each other..
(Suspicious look)

Me- No! Never (I don't know why, but I was avoiding an eye contact)
Priya- well.. Good! He is not the right guy for you (with a sign of relief)

Me- come on! Why you hate him so much.? I mean he is sweet and cares
for me and don't worry we are just friends..

Priya- what kind of friendship is this.?? You guys talk every time.. I
mean everytime! And he broke up with so many girls because they were
insecure of your relationship..! You stopped talking to your childhood
friend, because Himanshu told you to do so.. Well... You still think i
am wrong.???

Me- (paused for a while) yes you are wrong!

Priya- what made you think so long?? Whatever.. I am going out.. Bye..
She left.. (her stilettos make too much of sound!)

I started thinking over what heena just said..
Do i like him or we are just friends.???
Why everything about him matters to me so much.??
I was thinking too deep about it but suddenly i was interrupted by a message..

It was from Himanshu (HAC)
Himanshu- Any progress.?? Did you talk to Priya?? Listen tell her I am
a 'lehkak' and you know i am decent.. Convince her baby.. ;)

I replied back to him..

Me- she rejected you in first go! Sorry :(

I don't know why i messaged that.. (i really dont know why)

He replied back..
Himanshu- eh! Tell her I was kidding.!! I mean.. You know.. I saw her
DP, she isn't that beautiful.. na.. na.. not my types.!! ;)

Me- oh.. Ho.!!! Chal I need to change.. Ttyl..


Himanshu- Wear your pink pajama.. You look cute in that.. :*

I smiled.. (i blushed, rather)

Huh! Whatever the world may speak about us.. Let them cook their stories.. Yes He will always be my Boy+Friend = BOYFRIEND.!!! ;)

P.S.: Himanshu is actually very Decent.....Stop spreading rumors.......... :D

-Parul Parihar

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  1. The p.s was not required himanshu.!! Anyways thnq <3

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