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Just Saying

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I Loved two Girls Together.......Well, They were quite happy with it.

Do you believe in magic? Shape of the clouds, Colorful textures on butterflies, the sun, the moon, the chirping of birds, seashores, you, me and us. Everything is magical here. Earth revolves, it is meant to be revolved. Human Beings, What are they meant for? Why we live? Why we smile? Only to disperse Magic. Imagine yourself in a 10x10 room. ALONE. It's not living, it is just a way to exterminate time.

           Have you seen Magic? I see it everyday. When the sun rises pompously. There i see a magic, when i find my wife misplaced from my arms (where she slept last night).  When i look in the vicinity, I see the magician blooming the batten with fresh flowers. I see the magic in the cup of tea, waving out the love waves. I see the magic, when i feel her lip imprint on my chicks. The magic, when she comes out of the bath, and drizzles water droplets from her wet frizzes. The magic when she smiles and says those three magical words in my ears with a low and sententious voice.

               I saw a dream last night, It was a flashback from 18 years back, When I used to be a so called 'Teenager'. We were in relationship for 8 days only and i used to fell in love with almost every girl (beautiful). The dream was.........

"Hey," I started the conversation as everyone do.
"Hiii," said my 48th girlfriend. I loved her voice, even Cadbuary tasted alkaline as compared to her.

"So, missed me?" I added, I promised her to call in the evening, and ticker is showing 12:45 AM.
"mil gya time, How many girl-friends you have yaar," Her anger was making her voice sounding even more sweeter.

"Two less then my age," I shrugged holding my gadget (Cell phone) in the other hand.
"And your age is?" She knew it well, may be she didn't. Wait we were in relation for 8 days and she didn't even knew my age. Disaster! I must had made a Diary with girl's name serialized alphabetically. At-least, I would remember everything i misrepresented to them.

"19," I said with a drifting voice. I was tired that time. plus i din't wanted my mom to listen my voice.
"That means you have 17 girlfriends," She was angry, actually more than just angry. (and her maths was good :-D)

"I love you," I tried to cut her dialogue.
"you love 16 more," She offended.

"Stop it, and tell me where are those 16," I knew they were somewhere on Earth, but i was sure, she didn't even knew the names. Probably, i didn't knew their names too.
"I don't know," She said like a kid, disappointed.

" I love you," I said it for the first time that day, (It was just 12:45)
"I love you too," She said in her loving voice.

"My kiss:?" I asked joyfully.
"Count to three...." She replied even more joyfully.

"muwaaaaaaaaaaah," She made her cell phone wet. :-P       


I woke-up, i didn't wanted to leave the blanket which still claimed to posses her fragrance. I could have slept for hours. But, I couldn't. Thanks to my  48th girlfriend-cum-my wife and my little angel 'Khushi'.

           Khushi, the only girl I loved after her mother. She looked same as her mother. I couldn't conclude whom i love more, never i tried to. It's just that i have two hands, one to hug my beautiful wife and other to hold the little hand of my angel "Khushi"

"Aren't you getting late?" My magician's sweetness progressed year after year.
"No, mumma, Daddy isn't going today," Khushi's little lips pronounced the decision her little heart made. I smiled in acceptance, If my absence makes her sad, i won't go.
"Yes, I won't go. Only if my little angel will hug me tightly," I sat down on my knees.
She waved me a flying kiss and hugged me, covering my back as much as possible with her little hands.

"What about me, Khushi?" My magician said walking towards her love (me) and our love (Khushi)
"aa jao, mumma," Her tiny vocal completed the three words quite hardly. She sat down on her knees and hugged us both. Khushi kissed my chicks and then her . We kissed her back.

"Khushi you know counting na?"
"Yes, daddy,"

"Let me hear,"

"1......2....... 3......."

                 & I planted a kiss on my magician's lips. Yups, I was kissing the most beautiful Lady of my life, Sadly, She is my wife :-P

P.S.: I am just 19 and Bachelor too..... ;-)

Author- Himanshu Chhabra

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