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Just Saying

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Longest conversation, extended happiness by Abhinand Jaguva

Witch-made-smile lasted for few more days and I didn’t know the whereabouts of my worries. That small chat had given a sudden change to me. Sara was sweet to me as before and I acted to be sweet to her. I don’t know why I did so.

When the college was about to end that day, we received a circular from principal’s table stating “The last working day for this semester is pre-pone to today and the exams are starting from 21st. More details available on the notice board. All the best for your exams. ”

I was exhilarated after hearing the circular for two things. One, I don’t have to act for the next 20days and the other is I will get few more extra hours to admire my beauty’s picture. A sudden thought stroke my mind “What if sara calls me for the group study like we did earlier?”

As we walked back to our homes I initiated the talk.  “The exams are ahead and we have very little time to cover the portions. We have not touched any part yet and we know how much we scored in the internals. If we don’t get serious now our career would be ruined. What I’m trying to say is this 20days let us concentrate on studies than chatting, talking and roaming. That would help us anyway”

“Yes anyway we both are going to study at your place and I will be teaching you all the subjects. This is what we did earlier and we will follow the same. I’m glad that I will be with you for the whole day” she said and let her tongue out like this :P

“We were different earlier and we are different now. So I think I need to study alone. If I still study like a small child then I would be used to it. So I will study by myself and you study by yourself Sara. Don’t mistake me. It’s just for our better life”. As I finished a drop of tear rolled from her left eye.

“Ok Jay as you wish” she said and left to her house.

As soon as I reached home I switched on the pc. Yeah! It was Rika’s timing to surf and she was there online. The dilemma of whether to ping her or not took more time that she went offline. So I did the work which was my everyday’s duty. I saw everything with excruciating sight. Time flew away soon and mom called for the coffee.

After I finished the coffee I was astound to see a chat box had opened saying Hi. The moment I looked the top of the chat box took me to ecstasy. It was from my beauty Ms.Rika. I didn’t know what to do as I was in a jittery state. My hands were trembling in ecstasy, my heart became lighter and I was flying. I immediately reverted back her with hi.

Jay: hi
Rika: hi!
Jay:  Wassup? You had pinged me for the first time?
Rika: Nope I didn’t ping you.
Jay: check the chat history you had pinged.
Rika: sorry I had done it mistakenly.
Jay: Ok (sudden sadness filled the room)
She didn’t reply after that. I waited for few minutes and started again.
Jay: Saw ek deewana tha?
Rika: eeks! You watch those movies. I don’t like such stuffs. (She said as if I asked her about some porn movie.)

Photo courtesy: GOOGLE
Jay: I liked it very much!
Rika: ok.
I gave a few minutes gap.
Rika: what doing?
Jay: (happiness activated) just returned back home roaming.
Rika: ok take rest.
Jay: why should I take rest all of a sudden? I’m not ill.
Rika: Thought you would be tired as you were roaming.
Jay: Nope! Not at all.
Rika: Can you do me a favour? (So this is why you pinged me)
Jay: Yes sure (my mouth opened a wide and my heart said anything for you Rika)
Rika: you should do it and you can’t regret later
Jay: I will try. (Oh! jay you shouldn’t have said that)
Rika: no leave you can’t.
Jay: just say it. let me decide whether I can or can’t.
Rika: tomorrow is my friend’s Birth day.
Jay: B’day wishes for your friend and wish her on my behalf. So what?
Rika: I want to give her a surprise and I need your help on that.
Jay: Ok what should I do?
Rika: My friend Amy likes a guy named Bryden lewis. He is one of the members of Slain band. I have got the other crew members numbers and I want his number. Can you get it? Can you ask them without saying anything about my friend and me? plz.
Jay: hey loosu…. (Idiot in Tamil)
Rika: I don’t wanna give you any more trouble leave bye. (The weapon of girls which they use to flatter any boy)
Jay: I’ll try (I tried to mollify her)
Rika: if you do this I’ll do anything for you.Is it ok? Plz
Jay: can I do it after few hours?
Rika: Sure but I need it today.
Jay: ok give me your number I will get his.
Rika: Manek D’silva 9xxxxxx000 and Judah Sandy 9xxxxxx361! (She is too cautious)
Jay: ok.I will get his number and you have promised to do anything for me. Keep it in mind.
Rika: Yes what do you want?
Jay: I will ask you after I give you his number. I will mail you the number as soon as I get .
Rika: Thanks man. You just made my day. (I would like to make each and every second of your life witch.)
Jay: Tell me some info about bryden lewis so that it would help me to talk to them.
Rika: few mins plz.
In a mean while I called manek it ringed but went unanswered. I called Judah which was not reachable. FISH!
Rika: I’m back. I don’t know anything about them.
Jay: both are not attending the call.
Rika: ok leave you do your work I will do mine. Bye.
 She said and went offline before I could say anything.
I had both of their numbers and I was playing with my mobile. I saw Rika smiling in my mobile. I did not want her to get upset instead want her to be happy always.
So I googled slain band and read few lines about them. Then I tried for maneks number. He answered me on my 7th attempt.

Photo Courtesy: GOOGLE

“Hey manek” I said. “I am Jay speaking, to be short a big fan of your band. Your band is just awesome.”
“Thanks by the way how did you get my number?” manek said.
“Can you do me a favour?”
“Yes tell me”
“I’m Bryden lewis fan and I would like to speak it him. Can I get his number?”
“You can connect him through Facebook. Bye” he said and hung the phone.
It was just a fiasco with him. I cursed him and tried calling Judah. It was ringing now and she attended on 13th time.
“Hey Judah”
“Hello. May I know who this is?”
“A very big fan of you, who notes every bit of you. You can ask me anything that I would answer right from your birthday etc. Your recent concert was awesome. You are just an amazing all rounder.”
“Wait wait. Take some breathe. Thanks I’m just blushed.”
“Bryden also does a very good job, can I get his number. I have to talk with him please.”
“Actually we shouldn’t give anyone’s no”
“You can do this small help for your big fan please.”
“Note it my dear 9xxxxxx132”
“Thanks Sandy. You made my day” I said and hung the call.
I immediately mail Rika stating
“Mission Accomplished”
Got bryden lewis number finally. 9xxxxxx132

In a few minutes I got her reply.
“Thanks a ton. Hope you have given the right number and not played with it. Thanks.”
“Just don’t make me angry” I replied back.
Is she testing me whether I’m trust worthy? Or is she using me to get her work done? Whatever it is, she had just gifted me a longest conversation and I’m happy with it.

P.S. Most girls just use men to get their works done. Hope it’s their nature.

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