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Just Saying

Monday, 24 December 2012

The Promise by Abhinand Jaguva

The happiness lasted long but not her chats. I was online all time but she was found to be invisible. I tried to ping her but I never got any reply. I mailed her saying “The Promise, you made is yet to be complete.” I wished to have yet few more conversations with her but all I could do was to admire her.As it was my study holidays, I was supposed to concentrate on my studies. Instead I had my PC in my studying table. I arranged few books in the corner of the table so that the monitor would be covered.

My parents never compelled me to study and score high marks and at the same time I never made them low by flunking in papers. I strive hard to get decent score in every subject and they are happy with that. Most of the good parents know their child’s capacity and I got the best parents.

In few minutes my mom came into my room, and she was damn happy to see me with the heap of books. “And finally my son has started studying” she said and blushed. “I came to say you something. Sara called me and asked what you are doing. It seems you are not picking up her call.”

“Mom!Exams are nearing, so let me concentrate on my books rather than my mobile and I don’t want to get distracted by anything. Please let her know that mom.” I said and turned towards my table.

I hardly read a page, but nothing seem to get into my head as it was fully clouded with the thoughts of Rika. I was scribbling in the paper which my mom thought I was working out. But I was working out for a poem. I didn’t know how to write a poem as it was the first time.

Her promise to do anything is still waiting,

What shall I ask her for??

How will I make her realize that all I need is

My eyes to admire her,

Legs to walk along with her,

My hands to hold her,

For lifelong.

As I was floating in my dreams, a sudden bang on the door brought me to the reality. With curses under my breath I turned to see who it was. It was Sara. She was looking strange and I could sense her anger. Without uttering a word with her I tried to hide the paper which had my poem. But unfortunately Sara had noticed my hands trying to fold the piece of paper. She grabbed it from my hand and she read what was written. By the time she was reading I started to build up a story in my mind so that she will be convinced with it. As I was about to narrate the story to her she stopped me to say something.

“It’s getting serious. We need to sort out something in Banglore. So we are leaving, this holiday.” Was all she said and left my room.

Her words shook my body and it started to sweat heavily.Floods of questions arose.

 Did she really mean about Rika?

How did she knew it?

 Is this her only reaction on knowing about Rika?

 Why banglore?

 Did she talk with Rika?

All these question confused me a lot. But these thoughts also gave me some relief. Yes finally the drama is heading towards the climax. But Rika doesn’t know anything. I didn’t know what are all other difficulties I’m going face later.



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