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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Will you be my Valentine?, An Article by Priyanka Chahande

"Where are you? I am waiting for you from last 20 minutes. On this day will make me wait??” I enquired
“Patience baby…I am coming. And this day of your life I’ll make memorable for you.” He said
So I was waiting for him at CCD where he told me reach before 20 minutes..That is exact at 11AM. And now it’s been half an hour, I am looking at my watch and at entrance. The people around me also started staring at me..The weird and tension look of mine.

Then there he comes, in a very hustle bustle way and settles down in chair in front of me. I asked waiter for water, he drank and now breathing normally. He then kept on saying sorry for being late because of traffic and trying to make me smile. Though I was trying to look angry but his cute sorry saying face didn’t allowed my anger to stay for more time.
“I am sorry na baby..please maan jao” he said
“its ohk..(With a smiling face) “I said
“Now come with me, I am taking you somewhere..But that’s a surprise, so don’t ask where what and all” he said
He was already knowing my oblivious questions, which he don’t want to answer as he has planned surprised for me, still I asked him..
“But then why you called me here..we would have directly met their only?”  I asked
“baby..i have a surprise for you..You just come along with me…will you please ma’am?” he asked
“yes. I will” I said
Then we were on his bike towards his surprising destination with all those thoughts of what is going to happen? Though yesterday night only we confessed our feelings for each other and today on this auspicious day he has planned to propose me in his different way. So with all good thoughts smiling face after knowing everything I was heading towards destination, where he is taking me.
The weather was really nice..winter morning, sun was not shining that much but still had its effect which kept me feeling warm as I was sitting behind him on his bike..a cold breeze hit my face I closed my eyes and was feeling it over my hairs were dancing to the tune of cold white scarf was flowing in the air…I let my arms open allowing cold breeze and warm of sun to hug me…and then heard his voice..
“What you doing? We are on highway!!” he said
“I am in my dream land” I said
“People are watching us, stop doing that..put your hands down” he said with a please in his voice
“Let them watch” I said
“You are crazy” he said
“This you came to know very late” I said
And I again closed my eyes let my arms open and trying to listen what this cold breeze want to say. And after some time I opened my eyes and saw in the rear mirror of his bike…he was looking at me. We both were blushing.

Then we stop near the beach I got down from his bike and went near the water. He went to park his bike. I removed my sandal and let the cold water to touch my feet…and then I saw he was coming towards me. He was in his blue denim jeans with white shirt, red roses in his hand and wearing his cutest smile. And I was there in my white & blue silk chudidaar dress, white silver earnings in my ears, my metal hairs were blowing in air..and with one hand I was trying to manage them.
He came near me and are looking beautiful. Then the very next moment he was on his knees, gave those bunch of red roses he asked me…”Will you be my Valentine?”
As I heard this, I was on top of the world and was feeling so happy..and then I heard a ringing bell. That bell was ringing so loudly, it hit my eardrums and I felt irritating in between this magical moment. That sound was not allowing me to listen what he was saying and I felt it was telling me your time is over and now you can go. Then I tried to shift from my place and saw my mobile alarm was ringing and showing 6 O’ clock..telling me get up from your dream you have college.
I rubbed my eyes and was back to reality..I don’t know when I slept yesterday night, with books on my bed, assignment papers on floors..and realized, I have to submit them today. And I was smiling on my stupid dream, got up and started getting ready for college. And on my way to college, when I was in train, thought…
”somebody has said..early morning dreams do come true” so I have to answer that question
“Will you be my Valentine?”

By- Priyanka Chahande
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