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Just Saying

Monday, 4 February 2013

"Caged Girl's Whispers !!", A poem by Heena Ahuja

Small town caged girl
Living with high dreams
Dreams of freedom
Love and Respect.

Days, months, years
Passed by;
Dreams where still dreams
Unclear, unaccomplished.

Trapped in circles
Of her vicious life;
Rectangular walls
Of so called home.

Venomous snakes
Biting each day and night;
Her soul cries
In the dark and light.

Lost and confused she is
Of how to rescue her life;
For she has no guiding angel
Nor any fairy with miraculous wand.

Failure, falling but rising
Was her routine;
She lives for her dreams
For a miracle to come.

Miracle that shall change her life
Filling it with freedom and dignity;
Where cupid shall play his role
And she shall dance with her love.

Alas!! Her soulful whispers
Shall come true;
And her world will be her paradise
Where she shall shine like a star !!

© Heena Ahuja 2012

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  1. There are very less people who write about the stuff you write on your blog.
    Its very enlightening.
    Following you.



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