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Sunday, 3 February 2013

"Uff Ye Contest" Day 1!!! Win Free Copies!!!

We, the team of "Uff Ye Emotions" are organizing a Contest starting from today to 10th February, 2013 (the day when Book will finally release). On my Blog Page, between 9 PM to 10 PM, a question would be asked daily to which you have to give a creative answer. So, there are 8 Copies of Uff Ye Emotions exclusively waiting to be at the doorsteps of our expected readers. The one whom we'll find most creative will be sent an Author-signed copy of "Uff Ye Emotions" with a Music Album CD consisting of Love and romantic songs by Roouh Band every day . And once you win, you can't participate further. Subko chance milna chahiye. :-)

As the contest is beginning right now, we are going to ask you a question related to the solo book- "Thank God, I'm Single Again" of one of the writers of Uff Ye Emotions, Panjak Mittal. And with a copy of "Uff Ye Emotions" and a Music Album by Roouh Band, you will also win a copy of "Thank God, I'm Single Again". 

  The Part of Synopsis of Pankaj Mittal's book says:

      " Avigya, is a passionate and understanding lover and an avid day-dreamer. Despite being warned by his orthodox parents from falling in love; he gets possessed by Kashika's love. Avigya undergoes various situations which sometimes makes him appear like a fool, sometimes an understanding lover and sometimes a caring yet revolutionary son. 
        As the mind of a dreamer weaves its own world around; the fun, the beauty and the concept of eternal love finds itself cornered within the boundaries of a conservative society. "

        Now the Question is: If you would have been at the place of Avigya and your parents and society would have been orthodox and conservative, what steps would you take to make them understand about your Love Relationship with Kashika? 

 There's no Word Limit. Answer with your best creative skill. 

Submit your answers At:

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