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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Upcoming Books: Someone Like You

Someone Like You

by Durjoy Datta, Nikita Singh

Someone Like You Overview

The hum of a motorbike. 
The uproar of the crowd in the stadium. 
The cheering and clapping. 
All fell silent... 
Just the thumping of their hearts remained and a question were they going to lose him? 

Thanks to the makeover by her sisters friends, the nerdy Niharika entered college more confident, more attractive. She meets the sweet, shy Tanmay, and the spoilt but lovely Pia and they become best friends. And when Akshat and she began dating, life finally seemed to be falling in place. 
Except that it wasnt...

Tanmays success in football had begun to change him. Akshats perfection seemed like a front for something dark and sinister. And their college senior Karthik? His aggressiveness was a cover for his mysterious past. 

Someone Like You is a powerful and touching story of friendship, love and betrayal. 

About the Author

NIKITA SINGH was born in Patna and grew up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. After pursuing a degree in Pharmacy she decided to try her hand at writing. She is the author of the best-selling books Love@Facebook and Accidentally in Love and co-author (with Durjoy Datta) of If Its Not Forever...Its Not Love. 

DURJOY DATTA was born and brought up in Delhi. He has an engineering degree from Delhi College of Engineering and a management degree from MDI, Gurgaon. He is the author of several best-selling books including Of Course I Love You!, You Were My Crush!, She Broke Up, I Didnt and If Its Not Forever...Its Not Love (with Nikita Singh). Durjoy was recognized as a young achiever by the Teachers Achievement Awards and in 2011 he was chosen as one of two young achievers in the field of Media and Communications by Whistling Woods International.

1 comment:

  1. Very interesting story line, keeps you wondering what would happen next.. the love stories, road trip part & of course the notes from the DIARY of THE DEAD GUY..

    The starting is a little boring but as the story unfolds, it gradually becomes interesting..

    The last a few chapters of the book are just awesome with too many twists and turns, one just cannot stop reading this book towards the end..

    All in all a good one from Durjoy & Nikita..!! It wouldn't be surprising if any movie is declared based on this book..


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