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Just Saying

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Lets be honest...!! The biggest fear in the world is of death thats what people say... But the second biggest fear according to me is the fear of being forgotten.. Not after the death... But when u r alive right here.. right now..!!

Each one of us is scared of being alienated specially by the people who mean a lot to us... Or may be the people whom we neva wanna forget..!!  The realization that you are being forgotten while u r very much alive is the biggest blow any1 can face...!! 

No... I am not at all Athazagoraphobic... But I am just bringing it to notice the pain each one goes through when they are being forgotten.. May it be of parents when their kids forget them while they are living... Some dumping them into old age homes... Or may be at times of kids when they are left on streets to suffer just coz parents can't afford them... and then they are taken to orphanages and their fates are sealed... May be at times a childhood friend forgetting u in pleasures and remembering u in pains... or may be someone forgetting u coz the crowd around them is so large that they cant notice u.... May be at times a lover forgetting his beloved and the talks they shared.. or may be a husband who forgets what sacrifices his wife has made for him in past years...!! 

Have you ever experienced how it feels to be forgotten??? I m sure each 1 of us has.... at some point of life....

It is just so painful when someone decides to tear ur page off from their book called 'Memory'.. and all you can do is watch them in horror as they crumble your page and throw it over the roof right into the dustbin... You stand their, motionless, wondering what went wrong that it makes so painful for them to even remember U... They make u realize that deleting you from their life is the best thing they can do to themselves.. And it hurts even more when u are left half the way without any explanation??? Or if someone forgets you intentionally?? 

I really dont know which one hurts more... But I know one thing for sure that I do die a little when someone forgets me...I die everytime someone kills me in their memory.... I die everytime people coffin their emotions related to me..!! 

All I can say is don't do so...!! Every person who even spares u 1 minute in their busy schedules are worth a smile and ur time... May it be ur parents, ur kids, ur mentor, ur best friends, any1....  They are people who have loved u unconditionally... and wud do anything to make u smile.... They can go outta their way beyond infinity if they could just see ur 1 smile that arises from heart and travels right to ur lips and reflects in ur eyes.. 

Treasure every loved one... Coz when u r gone... None will remember what wealth u had.. what u spoke.. what u did.. they will just remember how u made them feel.... 

Whenever u decide to give up or forget something or someone ... Please first remember the reason why u held on for so long,... May it be a dream.. May it be a person.. May it be a job.. Anything...!!

Once u r gone foreva, Dates on ur gravestone aren't things that matter in life, but the small dash between them.. that little line is what tells ur life story, no matter how short or long ur lifespan may be... Touch a heart.. Enlighten a soul.. Embrace ur loved ones...  Be with them...

I am doing my bit.. Valuing each person who is close to me.. I hope I dont become a faint memory for any1, unsure of worth and nearing my end.....I hope and I still hope that I'm always missed.. Not only when I am gone.. But more when I am alive..!! 

Here I am with a Warm Cup of Orange Hazelnut Coffee on the Table and Hands on my chin wondering how many people have killed me in their memories....??? And how many people I have killed in my memory so far???? 

All I am asking for is to "Forget-Me-Not"..... Will U do that for Me??????

I wud prefer a Small Petal of Rose, A kind word, A hug and a smile now than a garland of roses, long speeches, and tearful eyes... on my corpse.....!! Make people feel important when they are alive..!! Value them...!! 

-By Barkha

P.S. - A "Forget-Me-Not" flower to all my closest ones....!!! And that too my favourite colour... BLUE.... *grin*


  1. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious experience
    on the topic of unexpected emotions.

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  2. Thank u.. M glad that u r touched.. :)

  3. This is great! This reminded me of my Mom, she passed away March 9, 2012. She asked her children to spread her coffin with for-get-me-nots. And do not forget her , now I understand what she meant!! She was ninety-eight years old!!
    Thank You!

    1. U r most welcome..!! Sorry to hear about ur mother...!! May her soul rest in peace.. pls dont forget ur loved ones while they are alive...!!


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