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Monday, 11 March 2013

I am a Storyteller : Gaurav Dashputra

Today on Purple Pen I am very elated to interview the very well known and new face of writing Gaurav Dashputra. “And then it Rained…coz life ain’t always a fairytale” is his debut novel.
 He recently completed his Medical Education from D.Y. Patil University, Navi Mumbai. Originally from Orange city Nagpur where he finished his schooling and currently residing In Navi Mumbai.
He’s diehard fan of Shahrukh Khan and he’s a sports loving person too. He is a National level Gold medalist in swimming and represented his school for his football team also.
So let’s have a conversation with Gaurav Sir:

1      1. How does it feel when people call you as author in your friend circle and in your     family too?
Well frankly it hasn’t sunk in yet. I am just one book old so I really don’t know many a times how to react. When people talk about my book to me personally and tell me how good they found it, all I can say is thank you. And that is just because I don’t know what else to say. I am very bad at taking compliments.

2. Was it a sudden thought to pick up the pen and pour it out on paper or was it something you wanted to do something from beginning?
I am something of a storyteller. I like telling stories. Even in real life I cook up believable stories and fool people. Well it is just a more classy way so saying that I am a liar. But then writers by definition are liars. So all I did was follow the more socially acceptable form and turned myself into a writer.

3. Tell us about your voyage from dreaming of writing to have it in reality?
It has been a shaky one because although I know I am good at telling stories I also know that I am not a extraordinary writer. So half of the things that I do write turn out to be crap and it takes me a lot of time to get into my writing groove.

4. What are you closer to, literature or medicine?
As I said I like telling stories and creating them so I am more closer to the art of storytelling itself. It can be in any form – books, plays, etc. If someone would allow me to make movies I would do that too.

5. Being the newbie in the world of writing, what challenges you faced?
I won’t consider it as a challenge but more like a personal problem. And that is patience. When you enter into this world you have to be very patient cause every step takes a lot of time and I myself am not a very patient person to that irks me a lot. But I am kind of getting used to it now.

6. Your book's tag line is "coz life ain't always a fairytale", so you believe more in realism and not materialism?
Well to tell you honestly I am not a very practical person. I am all about fairytales and escapism. But when I wrote And then it rained the situation was different and so was my frame of mind. Over the years I think too much stress and constantly doing things I don’t really want to do had made me bipolar where I could go from elation to depression in a blink of an eye. One minute life was all happy and there was hope and love and the next minute life would be hopeless and cruel. But now I think I am more in my happy place living life on my terms so I see things with a more positive outlook. 

7. How much do you relate to the protagonist of the book?
Aman the protagonist of my book has a very complex character. So yes some things about him do come from within me and how I am but the darker side of him is something that fascinates me but I don’t relate to it because I would myself never do what he did.

8. Which author inspired you towards writing?
I can’t say any particular author inspired me towards writing. But I am a huge Sidney Sheldon fan. But I think I have my own style of storytelling which I am comfortable with so I would like to keep it that way.

9. Which book are you reading now & when you are planning to pick up your pen again?
Currently I am not reading anything but the latest book that I did read was a book called Anathem by Neal Stephenson. A friend recommended it to me as I was planning on writing a fantasy fiction. It was amazing. And the work on the next book has begun. It is tentatively titled Keeping The Faith and hopefully I should be done with it very soon so that it can release sometime later this year.

10. So what's your view on relationships..Immediate break ups and long distance love and overall what is love in one word?
Relationships are complicated atleast for me they always have been so I am the wrong person to ask. Break-ups are cruel and depressing but after about a week or two you can get them out of your system and move on. Long distance love can work if you want it to and love itself is just another way of looking at your relationship with a person. It is a complex thought but if you think about it…it is true.

11. In your book "And then it rained" when lead characters ex-gf dies why he boarded the flight instead of going to see her for the last time? And how could he manage to look at other girl, the very next day? 
His love was dead and He wasn't even thinking about it, all he was thinking about the girl he saw in his new college.
See that is just another way of dealing with things. It is an escapist’s way but a way nonetheless. He does it because he wants to get his mind off things and wants to believe that it never happened consciously but as you see two chapters later that the whole thought hasn't completely evaded him and it has been haunting him every day and then one fine day all those latent emotions erupt like a volcano.

12. People generally pick up love stories thinking that they will have a happy ending but your book ends on a sad note..Why is it so?
Because I think that it was the ending that the story warranted. I personally believe that the story should talk to you and guide you and not the other way round. You just can not force a happy ending for the heck of it. And plus if you think about it the story does end on a happy note as there is a smile of the protagonist’s face because he achieved what he wanted.

13. Sir my last question for you is Purple Pen is a blog which is inspiring many to write discovering new ideas. You think Purple Pen is contributing to writing in some way?
Yes definitely. I think purple pen and all the other Blogs that out there are doing a great job in bringing authors and readers closer and also really inspiring people in this process to come forward and tell their own stories as now they know that we authors are just regular people leading a regular life and are in no way any different from what they are.

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  1. A brilliant interview by Priyanka (di). Looking forward for more amazing interviews. Purple Pen rocks..

    1. Thank uuu sweetheart..:)
      and thanks to Gaurav sir also..:)

  2. Good set of questions..way 2 go Priyanka :)

    1. Thanks to you and your guidance..:)

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