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Monday, 4 March 2013

I am a writer, not a businessman :Abhishek Leela Pandey

Its time to go back to the beautiful and serene times of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.. Friends today on Purple Pen we have The author of The Brahma Trilogy "The Man with the Five Heads" Mr. Abhishek Leela Pandey..
  Young, intelligent and a very courageous writer from the City Beautiful Chandigarh. Lets know a little more about him Today..

Ques. Sir my first question for you from where you got your middle name "Leela" ?

Answer: I feel honoured for having been asked this question. ‘Leela’ is a short for the name of my mother ‘Dr. Leelawati Pandey’. In addition to having a personal connection with this name, as it signifies the lady who created me, My Brahma, there is something more about it. Leelawati is an ancient mathematical text based on Fundamental Principle of Counting, Permutations, Combinations and Probability written by Bhaskarachraya and her daughter with the same name.

Ques. You are a renowned Mathematician. So how the idea of writing came into your brilliant mind ?

Answer: Well, this question needs an insight. I believe you will hear between the words. Mathematics and Literature are the two faces of the same person; allow me to use this personification. Both are philosophies, as intellect indicates. 

Mathematics works on the understanding of unknown variables. It follows an algorithm, an obvious logic, an unexplored territory and a satisfaction of immaterial instincts. Same goes with the Literature, with a slight difference that its paradigm is huge, like the pseudo pods of a giant amoeba. It may pop up anywhere, anytime, without notice. For these risks, I have trained myself to evolve mathematics as disciplined yet exploring literature.

The idea did not just come out of the blue. It was in my mind from when I was twelve years old. Enough pomp, I would rather say that I am incapable of doing anything, pardon my mediocre intellect, besides literature and mathematics.

Ques. Today writers choose a very safe side of writing Love Stories. So in this Era of Romance and Betrayal, dont you think writing about such a controversial issue "Brahma" is a BIG risk.?

Answer : Writers, who write Romance and its sidekicks, are better humans. They understand the most beautiful emotion. I lack in that area.
Now, coming to Brahma. I have written about him because I feel for him. Somehow, I connect to him as he is mystic. He is not worshiped still he is considered to be the supreme among all Gods, or enlightened humans. 

As far as risk is involved, I hardly see any. There shall be no controversy as I have not gone against the image of Gods, except the fact that they were humans of blood and bones.

I am a writer, not a businessman. I write for literature, not for convenience and convention.

Ques. Without Publicity Books cant be a MAJOR HIT.. But if we see the Bestseller of the Year "The Immortals of Meluha" by Mr. Anish Tripathi was not that Popular before its release. Whats your take on this.?

Answer :I guess I am not the right person to comment here. But keeping in the protocol of a creative person, I feel this statement needs to be refined a bit. There have been so many MAJOR hits without promotion, even in this era where new books come out every week like new films.
But yes, I agree, promotions give a wide exposure to any product, let alone books. Quality matters in the end.

As far as Meluha is concerned, it was extensively promoted by conventional as well as unconventional ways. and it has finally helped the book to exhibit better.

Ques. We often hear this "We Write what we see or what we can relate to". So how far you relate yourself to this Mythology.?

Answer : Rightly said...
We can see material objects in this physical world. But there is an alpha level of conscience, where you get connected to your super ego and move to an altogether different world. Like the tale of a fairy or a mythological fantasy. The world is so abstract, so lovely. Even the blood-sheds feel to look good. Killing is justified only there. That’s so heroic, so poetic. It is a spell that is known as Romanticism.
And I am not the only writer who does this. There have been so many. Well, I am a part of Brahma, the concept. I relate myself to the story. It comes from my family. I am the direct descendant of Rishi Ved Vyasa, the man who written The Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita. I am fed on myth and fostered by the creator’s appraisal.
Om Brahmaya Namaha...

Ques. Being a Young Writer yourself, name any one writer of Today's generation you think is doing really well in the field of Literature.?

Answer : Doing well is a vague concept. It may be commercial success, critical appreciation or the real selfless service to the Literature?
I will go for very less known blogger whose books are still not out in the market. But I think she is doing well. She writes well with a clear vision and very honest motives. Her name is Akanksha Dureja.

Ques. Mythology never excites our new generation. So how your book has managed to have the interest in it, so that every age group reads it.?

Answer : In the hills, they make a herbal drink known as Kaadha which tastes bad, but better than alcohol. Our generation loves to consume what comes in a beautiful package, not as a beautiful prescription.
Our gods have been portrayed in an unreal and unscientific manner. For instance, we all know that Lord Vishnu was a great killer. I fail to understand why he is always shown to be smiling with generosity. There are more examples. I won’t go in detail. Our generation has lost the interest because they don’t compromise with any unempirical data, any unquantifiable variable.

I have made our mythology look real. I am trying to sell that Kaadha in a bottle of wine.
Now it transcends the minds of all sorts of readers. Hopefully it continues...

Ques. After the Brahma Trilogy, will you continue to write on such topics or will you to be a part of the new generation Romantic Books.?

Answer : I don’t want to be stereotyped as a writer. It hampers creativity and artistic liberty. I write on everything under the sun, though romance is not my favourite. If I select to write on romance sometime, then it should be a great deal of mature romance. 

My next book ‘Bullet that ends Operation Blue-star’ is a historical and political thriller based on 1984 riots. After that I am writing on the International Affairs and Diplomatic Relations between India and Pakistan.

Ques. What were the different challenges you came across while getting your first Venture.?

Answer : This book is more than a novel, it is a revelation. While writing it, the main challenge was to coordinate Hindu myth and Brahma’s mysticism. I had to make an impact, a powerful one so as to make the book readable and also stuff it with relevant substance. I am more into characterization, so etching out the characters and synchronizing them with the surroundings required a three dimensional description. 

There is a character in the book that falls in love... strangely with the readers. To depict him was one of the most difficult jobs initially, but later when flow seeped, it became a part of me.
After the book was completed, the editing was again a cumbersome job as realism was an issue. The story had no scope of miracles or unreasoned events. My editor Mrs. Renu Atri did a wonderful job to remain one of my kinds. Then a friend, if that term is justifiable, Akshay Bhushan gave a blow to his creative chords and discussed the scenes of the book. I came to know that myth and reality go hand in hand.

The real challenge is to make the book available to maximum readers. Team Brahma is trying its best to bag an international distribution.

I am keeping my fingers... open...

Ques. If you were asked to point out major drawbacks of Today's Writing. What will be those according to you?

Answer : I am surprised to get this opportunity to point the major drawbacks. I am not a critic, neither a reviewer. But as a reader, I found the erratic grammar to be the major drawback. Pointing this as a drawback seems strange to me. A book is a fact, isn’t it? How can it be so wrong?
Who needs to be blamed? The lack of linguistic skills in some authors or the sluggish attitude of the publishers and editors or is it the lack of respect in the readers who buy such books and read it without complaints. Are we Indians so resilient when it comes to books?

I am a trainer too. I use to recommend reading to my trainees to develop their language skills. But now I am scared. We may form a society where the respect for language will lie at the bottom of priorities.
Moreover, the myopic outlook towards storytelling is again a turn off. Repetition in the ideas is another one. 

I find this podium to be authentic enough to use my bestowed Right to Expression by our constitution to make an appeal to the readers and everyone in the fraternity.

Respect the literature. It is the mirror of society.

Ques. Writing needs alot of Patience, so how far you have that patience Level.?

Answer : I am highly impatient. It might be a negative trait but I want my book to be finished quickly. This way, I can serve more to the readers.

Ques. Online competition are quite popular these days. In what way the Competition you took to choose an appropriate girl for the role of Vaani for a short film based on your Book "Man with Five Heads" was different from other online competitions?

Answer : Social Networking is a great platform to serve many of your causes. Team Brahma has planned a short film based on Brahma. For this we needed a female who could play Vaani (Goddess Saraswati). The selection procedure was rigorous. Out of fifty girls we selected just seven for the second round based on various parameters. In the second round, IQ was tested as the character demanded it. This came to many as a surprise. It was unexpected and different. But we needed to have it. Three girls qualified and then overall score was calculated. To avoid any discrepancy or subjectivity, regular updates were sent to the participants.
The final winner Lovely comes from Delhi who is appearing for CA Finals.

Ques. Purple Pen is a blog of new writers, thinkers and ideas. So you think Purple Pen is doing a right Job in enlightening many unknown yet wonderful Writers.?

Answer : Yes by default. No arguments or judgements in this.
Keep on highlighting the literature the way you are doing. I am thankful to Miss Parul Parihar for bringing out the expresser in me.


  1. There is always a difference between being a reader and a writer, when you reach puberty, you reproduce. REPRODUCE ORIGINAL! Don't get influenced by a particular established author or genre, you will just come out with "Junior XYZ Bhagat" or another 'chick/lad lit' Be yourself..!
    There is a big difference between writing and expressing. Anybody can write but how many can identify themselves in your character or story, or how many can 'understand/interpret' you exactly the way you want? That counts!
    Writers are mushrooming these days, every next IITian and IIM is an upcoming writer, it feels like it has transformed into Author-Making Institutes. To survive, They name their 'baby' before fornication and a huge crowd 'Like/follow' them, their work sells and they become A-U-T-H-O-R of several books.. "Who read them?" That matters! There is a thing called "standardization". Is your work read by those pseudo-readers who flip pages and skip the words because they are lazy to consult a dictionary? Those, who always carry a Paul Coelho to look 'Intellectual' No matter they have read its summary on Wikipedia?Yes, They are published and sold because if every next literate person is a writer, then every PCO is the next publisher. Or an outcome of "Self-Pleasure-Self-Publishing" aka Masturbating Writer?
    They are into money making business. Are you published by "Chaman Publishers" or the worldwide Standardized publishing houses?
    Again There is a difference in "BRAGGING" and "PROMOTING"
    Bollywoodification or Commodification of your work by selling books cover printed T-shirts or creating fraud contest on Facebook only shows that your work needs crutches because of its lameness. Know it! Don't degrade yourself and your art.
    They do not survive more than a span of a bubble. Quality matters not quantity.
    Is it Language or Slanguage? I don't scowl when BBC disparages our new literature.
    A product of hack writers of grub-street race is injected in our society.
    I am glad that satisfied by all the answers given by Mr. Abhishek.
    It is really great to have such a talented writer in our society. And of course “A writer not businessman”
    The point of view, Abhishek holds, certifies him to be one of the successful writes of his own.
    All my best wishes are always with you.
    And yes, Impeccable Interview conducted by Himanshu. Congratulations.
    looking forward for more..


  2. An awesome tag line.. completely goes with Mr.Attitude's ( Mr.Abhishek) personality and his nature of writing..He is the most sensible and promising writer of present times, who can be voice of vibrant youth of today.Looking forward to his much awaited book 'Brahma Trilogy 1 - Man with the Five Heads'..All the Best to Abhishek Pandey and the team of Purple Pen..... Renu Atri

  3. Thank you so much, Mr.Inspiration, for sharing your views and ideas. And also,for giving an insight on your future projects.

    I love the line 'I am keeping my' I really do! It shows that you don't expect anything from your readers apart from their love! It makes you a beautiful writer :P lol, who said only women are beautiful? :D
    OMB, Brahma shall flourish in his same mysterious ways! Waiting for Brahma to reveal not himself, obviously, but for his upcoming mystery. Excited!


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