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Just Saying

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Love @ Facebook (A short poem)

I sent her request clicking, Add as a friend.
An awesome profile picture, 'Hii' I sent.

"Who are you?" I got in reply.
"A future friend" you can rely.

She sent a :-), and we were friend.
We had a long conversation, till the night end.

She poked me continuously, and tagged me in pic.
Me and my cell-phone, I used to stick.

"I am in love. Love with him," she updated.
I commented "who?" And eventually waited.

She hadn't commented, but replied me in inbox.
She was in love with me, I dropped my xbox. :P

She gave her number, and I called late night,
Her voice was sweet, my heart was delight.

Two months passed, we were so much in love,
Facebook, twitter and my heart,
she was all above.

I asked her to put her real picture as a dp,
She mailed me later, her face was creepy.

She wasn't the way I imagined
her to be,
I kept ignoring, she was an irritating bee.

I shown myself ofline, and didn't
replied her.
I sent a friend request to an another girl.

She kept on messaging, I blocked her in the end.
The girl accepted the request,
and I had a new girl-friend.


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