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Just Saying

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Parting is NOT a Sweet Sorrow...!!

Has Anyone Ever Made a Silent Escape Outta ur Life… ??? Without Giving Any Explanation???

She stood there waiting…Shattered… Broken… She stood on the same crossroads for months thinking what went wrong??  She dint utter a word ever but her thoughts penned down…

What went wrong?? What just went wrong?? Why this sudden blow??? What made you do this??.. When a relation was/is built, 2 persons are involved.. then while breaking and walking away why only 1 decides..

You looked at me with your watering eyes that day… That’s when I felt that this was about to end…. I was frozen at that moment… My heart raced fast and my mind had a Hurricane of Thoughts… Worse than “Sandy in USA”…. I knew something was coming up that would make my heart sink and fragile…

But u dint say a word.. U just hugged me with all ur warmth and affection and let me go…!! I wanted to scream and tell you that pls don’t give up on me.. Don’t give up on anything for what u have hold on for so long..  But you walked away without even explaining me.. without even uttering a word to me.. without even letting me know.. Not even a last good bye…

You walked away and I could barely breathe… I turned around and fell on my knees….I am shivering as the truth is settling… That Ur Tomorrow has Nothing to Do with me.. Its Urs and Only Urs…!! I have no place in that.. not even a small microscopic…

I feel shattered.. I feel bitter.. I feel sad.. I feel hurt…These emotions come like a tidal wave.. One minute I am all OK.. Other minute it just hits me and sees me breakdown into yet another series of relentless tears… I cant eat and I cant sleep.. As I lay awake, I get lost in series of questions which I need to be answered… But instead .. Here I myself ask and myself answer all the possible multiple choices.. and also choose the best alternative as per my assumption and yet not satisfied…!!  The pain of watching you walk away without even a single word or the fact that you never even consider looking back has made me shatter… But still all I am concerned is r u ok????

Its so tough to accept that someone u knew thoroughly, have shared 24 hrs with.. is all gone in just a fraction of a second without uttering a word.. Was it not necessary for me to know???  Even if you would have told me the reason to go away ,I would have pleaded you to stay but then would have let you go coz all I desired was ur happiness.. Atleast that would have given me a feeling of contentment….instead of a betrayal… You had all the rights to move on and I respect that but wasn’t just informing a duty??? It wud have lessened my pain coz atleast I knew the reason… Atleast I had peace of mind… Atleast I wud not have passed countless sleepless nites finding of the answers of all the permutations and combinations of What, Why, Where, How???

You are already gone and I cant even see your shadow…  I thought u were with me all the time.. forever.. I miss everything about you every second…

The memories are like dew drops..Sinking and blending with my tears…
And My Heart is Now in Bits and Fears…
No more Expectations and No More Hopes
Coz I have untied all the Ropes…
All the doors are shut
As if my Wings you’ve Cut..
I am limping and wounded
Our memories are grounded
The cuts are deep and hard
For the walls there is no guard
Sand is slipping outta my hand..
Lost the moment for a band…
Wish we had together a Last Stance
As Life May not Give us a Second Chance

I m still standing at the same crossroads waiting for ur return.. I m picking up the pieces of pain..

I still aspire that you will come back..

You will heal this pain deep within my Heart.. Wipe the Tears that Fall from my Eyes.. And Glue the Pieces of my Glass-like Heart and Mend this all again…!!

I still hold those memories with tight-lipped silence.. As the breeze sweeps my hair, winter again takes me back with you. Flashes of your smile that made my eyes go small.. And with that innocence when you look at me, I let my heart change its rhythm just for you…!

However, although I m still wandering on the same crossroads with same thoughts every single second.. I am not paused in life.. I walk with you, I drive with you, I work with you.. I relive my Today with you…  Coz I know you..I know even you are not happy… then what made you do so??  We have had fought with one another many a times, but then we have patched up every time with much more affection than before..!!

This strong storming force of silence fills me with aloneness and the sound of its gloominess takes me to an alien world from where I can never return. The sound of this silence is so audible to my deaf ears that I can no more hear the shouts of the past and I dig more into the hollowness of nothingness. The resonance of my breathing wakes me up from my silence and I regret this act of respiration that keeps me alive.

To all of you.. Have you ever experienced someone walking outta ur Life without saying a word…?? Does it hurt more?? Or explaining and leaving with mutual understanding hurts more?? I guess the former one..  Even if you wish to walk out of someone’s Lyf.. Pls make the person understand and then leave.. coz u might just walk away and not turn back.. and when u turn back u myt have lost the person forever..!!  And understand the storm of questions and answers that person undergoes… just coz u walked away.. If u can explain ur good-bye nothing better than that…Walk away.. Move on.. coz u have all d ryts.. But leave an explanation and pacify a heart, a mind and a soul and then leap forward..!! 

For Once, I disagree with Shakespeare as he said “Parting is such a Sweet Sorrow…!!”… No its not… Especially when the Good-byes are not explained… It makes a person hollow and traumatized and he/she wastes their lifetime finding all the possible answers..!!

Yaa.. When a relationship requires an approval of 2 people to get built than while breaking and walking why only 1 decides??? And that too he/she thinks that its better for both??? How??? What if the other ones does not need that "better" stuff.. but wants those Best Memroies... Think about it...!! 



  1. Barkha, You have seriously made the silence on 'his' part talk through your emotions...through your words.
    Well done...Yes, Good Bye's should always be backed with reasons.
    Just a suggestion:- I found too much of SMS English out there; do away with it. Rest is all cool. (y)

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion ... I shall surely take care about it from here onwards... I am still a learner in this field.. Yes..!! Silence must me understood...!! and portrayed well to make it talk like words.. And thank you very much for the compliments as well... :)

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