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Just Saying

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I did not receive any call or message from Sara. I had a doubt that Rika wouldn’t have given the letter to Sara. But as I had informed Sara about the letter, I was sure that she should have got it. I called Sara to check whether she had read the letter or threw it away without reading. I called no response. I called again no response. I called again still no response. I kept calling her with a hope that she might attend at least due to frustration but all my tries went in vain as before.
After few minutes I received a text. My mobile displayed “1 text message received from Sara”. I immediately opened the text. “I have booked the ticket for your return tonight and have mailed you your the ticket. Don’t call me for god’s sake. Bye.” She had said. I logged into my mail and saw the ticket. In the passengers name there was only one name Jay. I was baffled. Had she booked only for me? Am I going back all alone? What is Sara going to do? With these questions I re-read the text. This time carefully and slowly. “I have booked the ticket for your return tonight and have mailed you your ticket” Fish. How could I be without calling her now? I needed the answer. Now. Is she asking me to go home? Doesn’t she like to come along with me? Why is she doing this? Won’t she be convinced? Won’t I be forgiven? Will this stay forever? Won’t we be together? Forever? Why on earth should it happen to me alone?
After checking the bus timing I made up my mind to leave there and wait for Sara. If she doesn’t turn up then I will not go back and stay there until she returns. I arranged my clothes in the luggage which I found was the tough job. I needed mom to do it as she did it every time or at least Sara to help me in that but I am all alone now. I should manage it on my own. I dumped all my clothes and belongings into the bag and locked it.
I checked the room once and checked out. I was starving as I didn’t have food from the morning. I went into the food court and had food and got into the Volvo bus. In 10 minutes the bus was stuck in the traffic. Travelling between 6pm-9pm in Bangalore roads is the worst idea and you may feel walking is better. So I decided to walk. Many bikers stuck their bike in a congested way leaving no space to walk. I climbed on the divider, stones and pavements and reached the bus terminal after 45 minutes of jumping and walking.
I was there on right time that had mentioned in the ticket. After showing my ticket the bus conductor asked me to get into 1st bus that was lined up. Every time I get into a bus I glance at all the passenger’s face. This time, when I entered the bus Sara was standing with her hands up shoving the luggage in the carriage and I bet every girl looks sexy in that pose. I glimpsed from head to toe in 5 seconds and moved fast to help her. I pushed the luggage in. Then she turned making our bodies just millimetres gap, both of our eyes fixed to each others. I wished the bus was moving :p. She then sat on the window seat. I pushed my luggage next to hers and went down to get a water bottle. When I returned, the seat next to Sara was occupied by an old lady. I went near to that lady and said that it was my seat in which she was sitting. Then she showed me her ticket and she was sitting in the right seat. My ticket had the seat number 14 which was in front of Sara’s seat. With a fury I sat and gave a how-dare-you looks on Sara, but she never saw me or cared what I was doing. I turned many times to look what Sara was doing. She was having her eyes fixed outside and ears plugged with ear phone. None of the time she noticed me or turned towards me. I got up from the seat and requested that lady to take my seat. Only after explaining I came along with Sara she got up and gave me the seat next to Sara.
I kept starring Sara without blinking. She was so beautiful. She kept looking outside and bus started. Her ears were listening to ear phone. I plucked the ear phone out and turned away. She didn’t turn her head and just re-plugged the ear phone. I pulled her pony tail, no response.
I plucked the ear phone again but this time with an extra force that the ear phone came in my hand, disconnecting from her phone. She turned and looked angrily. “Wont you talk with me?” I asked. She stayed silent. “Wont you forgive me?” I asked again. She turned towards me and said “who am I to forgive you?” “My Girl” I said.
“That’s Rika” she said.
“Cut it Sara, it was just a mistake. I love you, not her.” I said.
“Stop lying. I’m fed up with your lies.”
I got a call from Sara’s father. After informing about our arrival I gave the phone to Sara. After talking for two minutes she hung the call and smiled looking my mobile.
“Someone is smiling after a long time” I said. The reason for her smile was because, I changed her father’s contact name as ‘Papa-in-law
She smiled again. “Please Sara, talk to me please. Enough of your punishment. I can’t bare it anymore. When I can’t bare it, I’m sure that you can’t bare it too because we love each other. If you still have doubt see my phone with your opened eyes.” I said and kept my mobile on her hand.
I had changed my wallpaper to Sara’s picture from Rika’s, even I had deleted her picture.
“Just changing the picture doesn’t mean you love me. When you find another beautiful girl tomorrow, you will change your wallpaper with her photo.” she snapped.
“The next girl I would love will be only our child. Trust me. I will be a loyal and caring boy friend until marriage and husband after marriage. Give me a chance to shower my love.” I said.
She kept starring me for few minutes. Tears rolled down from her eyes. Sometimes eyes will talk more than we do. I wiped her tears and gave a kiss in her forehead. We both saw each other without uttering a word.
“Thanks Jay. I didn’t have any other way to make you realize that the love you had for me was real. I wanted to make you know that the feeling that you had for Rika was just infatuation which can never become love. Sorry for hurting you. I didn’t mean to hurt you Jay. But now promise me that you won’t leave me forever”
 I Jay, take you Sara, to be my love, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.
“I, Sara, take you Jay, to be my love, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.”
As it was words of marriage vows they were half married now .They kissed each other though there was none to ask them to kiss.

Author’s Note:
With this I am ending ‘Love Accidentally’. Thanks for those who read regularly and gave their valuable comments on the blog. Thanks for those who read it only because I questioned the next day of the update. Thanks for those people whom were tagged by me on every post and thanks for those who criticized my work. I loved your criticisms.  From now you need not wait for the updates in this blog. May be I would start blogging on the link below but not with the episodes like this.   join in this link if you like to read my work and those who wants to keep it updated.
 Thank you.


  1. nice work Abhinand....m a li'l sad that there wont be any more episodes....but i luvd d ending....cheers to tru luv :)

  2. superb..!! awesome..!! I wish love stories actually ended like and guys realized their mistakes.. or at time girls too.... looking fwd to read more from u

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