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Just Saying

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Letter by Abhinand Jaguva

As she left the place leaving me, I fell on the couch. My eyes filled with tears instantly and I wiped it with my hanky. I was baffled to do anything. I found a paper lying on the table next to mine. I picked it up and started to write.

Dear Sara/friend/Girl friend/lover/philosopher/desk mate,
I am not writing this letter either to change your mind or to prove that I have changed. All I am writing down is the incidents that exactly happened in my life. I couldn’t say that I never had any feelings for rika. It’s because all men in this world will be attracted by a beautiful girl unless he is blind and that’s how I was trapped. My stupid mind assumed it as love and I became crazy. There are many dead philosophers who have defined love to this world and I am no such philosopher to define it as my world is not with me anymore. Those definitions by the dead philosophers didn’t suit the feelings I had for the two women. Then I remembered Abhimanyu Jha’s definition for his love as “missing her regularly” which gave me answer as clear as ice cube during my days of confusion. I had always been obsessed with rika and I never missed her any day but I have missed you many times, though not regularly as you were around me most of the time. I had cried when you cried, when you were admitted in the hospital and during our fights. I had hid all the feelings I had for you and failed to shower you my love and that is the reason why you have decided to leave me. Now that I have realised which and what is love, I will not commit a mistake like this anymore. I just want my love to shower my love. I know I had committed a big mistake which definitely needs a punishment. If staying away from you is the punishment you want to give me I am ready to take it. I have betrayed the loyal girl who showed her loyal love. I want those loving days back which is very hard to get it back now. Hoping that it might happen someday. Sorry for everything I had done. Take care.

With Love,

“I wish I could have been sara” a voice beeped. I straightened my head and saw rika rubbing her tears from her eyes and that is when I realised rika had not left the place.

“No one can be Sara.” I said and asked “Can you help me in handing this letter to her?”

“Answer me honestly,What if I propose you now? Will you accept me?” she stunned me.

I was silent for few minutes. “As I am damn clear, I will surely deny the proposal.” I smiled.

She again rubbed her eyes and held her hand open. I placed the letter on her hand and called Sara. No answer.

“I have given a letter to rika as I don’t have any idea where you stay. I wish I could travel with you during the return.” I sent her a text.

Rika left the place and I followed. When I stepped out rika honked with her scooty. “Do you want me to drop you?”

“Banglore has good bus service. I will use it and thanks for asking. Take care.” I snapped her and turned towards right without seeing her.

Though I couldn’t believe what I had just said to her, I felt good for a drastic change in me. I decided not to stalk or see rika anymore in my life. My head was over covered with sara and her love which I had misused. 


  1. Loved what u wrote.. Gr8 that the guy discovered his true love was for whom.. But what happened to rika thereafter?? What if she could neva forget jay? and remained confined to pangs of loneliness and unable to forget jay? Just curious...for the later part of the story..!! :)

    1. Jay never cares about her as it was she who brought confusion in his love life and caused Sara pains.

    2. And will Rika deliver the Letter to Sara????

    3. And will Rika deliver the Letter to Sara????

    4. the next post has been updated! have a look :)


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