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Just Saying

Monday, 11 March 2013

To Leave you forever by Abhinand Jaguva

The bus stopped at the terminal and the passengers were emptying the bus slowly while sara was still gazing through the window. Finally I got up to take our baggage and she followed. When I lent her support to carry her bags she refused my help and kept it by her side .She got down and I followed her. The climate there was very cool that I was suddenly in need of a jerkin. When I was looking for a taxi sara handed me a chit which said “I will be staying at my cousin’s house. Will text you the place where we have to meet later”.

My soul’s anger reached its peak after reading it. “You could have informed me earlier that you are not staying with me. I don’t understand why you behave like this when you already know what I was doing? ‘Forgiving is humanity’ and don’t you have a heart to forgive or is that you don’t like to forgive me? Open your god-damn mouth and answer” I yelled.

She gave me a blank expression hearing what I had said, with tears still in her eyes. Only then I realized that it was totally my fault and I shouldn’t have yelled at her. Without reacting to the scene, she gave me another chit which said “It was your parent’s decision. They asked me not to stay with you and my uncle will come now to pick me up” The moment I finished reading I heard a honk. A man from Honda City got down and took sara with him. I hired a taxi and asked him to drop me at Indira nagar. I checked in at The Hotel Grand Park. I called sara to inform that I have reached but she didn’t attend my call. May be she would be busy talking with her relatives, so I sent her a message.

As I had a sleepless night in the bus, my eyes were automatically shutting down. It was 7 in the morning so I thought of sleeping for a while. When I got up, the clock showed the time as 11am. I checked my mobile for any calls and messages from sara but it showed nothing. I called Sara but she didn’t attend this time too. I sat and started watching TV.It was around 2.30 when my phone beeped. It was a message from Sara. “Come to CCD, Whitefeild at 5 in the evening”. I called her immediately but there was no response. I got up and left immediately as it would take a flat 2hours for me to reach there. During the travel I sent her text for which I never got any reply. “Sara please, talk to me. I know what I have done is wrong. But don’t kill me this way. My day is like a hell without you. Love you”. I waited for few minutes but there was no response. I typed another text. “At least talk while we are at CCD. I am ready to do whatever you say. I need only you Sara please”. None of my text pleased her to call me back. I reached my destination at 4.30 pm and took the last corner seat facing the TV which was opposite to the entrance. This is the biggest CCD in south India.
A cold air suddenly blew on me and my hair soared, just like the heroine’s entrance in most of the movies, but it was due to the labour who switched on the AC aside me. As I turned towards the entrance to check whether sara has come, I saw a girl in white dress nearing the cafe. She was not visible but a blurred image of a girl was all I could see. I instantaneously turned myself towards her and my testosterones began their motion. When she came near I was baffled. Something happened which was unbelievable for me. I have not expected at all, it was she, someone about who I was thinking on and on, someone who made me lose myself, someone who has made me to think for. I do not know what kind of thrust it was propounding in my heart. I was not able to believe my eyes. She was so sweet, so attractive, her beauty is inexpressible in words, and I was lost to her and was looking at her without blinking my eyes even once. She was a princess. She looked around her and took a seat. That’s mood swing. The waiter came and interrupted me by placing my order. I turned towards her frequently to look at what she was doing. The corner seat had its advantage of not being visible to many including her. Her eyes were switching from her mobile, the entrance and to the TV constantly. I thought of going near her to give a talk. When I stood up, a much more familiar face joined her to give me more shock. What the hell? How do these two know each other? When I stood up the new girl, Sara noticed me. Both Sara and her new friend, headed towards me. I invited them with a ‘hi’. One among them replied for my ‘hi’ and that was Rika. They took their seats.

“Sara, I know him. He is my Facebook friend” Rika said to Sara.

“I know Rika and I know more than what you know. The purpose of inviting you both have some reasons. I have been known to Jay from the first day of my college. We became good friends as days passed and gradually the best friends. We never had hidden secrets between us. One fine day he misunderstood my friendship as love and I made him realize that we were only good friends. But, after that, I started to fall for him. I love him but he doesn’t love me. (Her voice got low on each sentence). He needs a girl who is very beautiful and actually he has seen the girl who is apt for her. They had met once as well”   

I remained silent without knowing what to say. I never expected that we three would meet one day and sit like this. When I try to forget someone God sends her to me, make me feel her beauty, gets me attracted again and leaves me in trouble. Such a nice almighty.

“Rika let me come to the point, Jay loves you. He thinks you are perfect for him. He was mesmerised the moment he saw you in FB and your taste which is same to his, made him like you more. He forgets the world around him when you are around in any way. All he wants is you. He thinks of you all the time, stalks your profile every day , watch you all the time. You are his mobile’s wallpaper . When I proposed him he said he doesn’t like to get into a serious relationship and I thought I could change his mind. But only now I found that he is totally in love with you. I am not the girl he wants. It is you. You are the only girl who can keep him happy, all the time. Even when I am around he thinks of you, and acts as if he loves me. I don’t want to be a trouble for him anymore and I don’t want his fake love anymore. I came here to solve this problem in the name of project. Hope I have done the right thing. As you said Jay ‘one’s happiness can’t be unhappiness of another’, I have decided ‘to leave you forever’. And I am sorry Rika.

She left the place leaving me in tears.   

P.S.Sorry for posting it late and the sequel in a day.


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  2. You should be sorry. :'(


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