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Just Saying

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Chapter 2 - I Too Had a Love Story – Walking Down the Memory Lane

Walking down a vacuous alley.. John and Michael did not know where their steps were heading towards but their destination was one..

 Same from the last 14 years.."St. Mary Old Age Home.."

Michael had a complacent grimace on his archaic face whenever he could feel Henna for some while..
After every alternative day he would meet her in the Hospital.. And this would GIVE him a Reason to LIVE..

But there was an acquainted infliction in John's eyes..
Michael and Henna's Love brought back his dismal past..

The buried anguish in his heart took him to the memories of most agony times..
Time when Saraa.. His Saraa left him..

"I need to tell you something John", said Saraa.. The artless docility in her voice was lacking this time.

"I know.. That You Love Me..", John replied while playing with her golden strand..

"No.. This is something afflictive", she said releasing her hair from his hand..

"Whats the matter.??",  John replied with deep concern in his voice. He finally felt there was something amiss this time..

"My Dad has fixed my marriage with Eric Smith, an Army Officer and i have approved him as well.. We are leaving for Greenvalley tomorrow for the marriage ceremony", she sounded so callous as if it was meant to happen.. Happen someday..

Hearing that John clutched his fist tight.. He could not believe that Saraa would End their five years long courtship like this..
He wanted to marry her.. He wanted to grow old with her..

He conceived that Saraa loved him too.. But he was proved awry..

His lips started feeling the sour taste of his tears but he wiped them off immediately..
 He does not wanted to look meek in front of her.. Infront of that cold fish..

"I Hope You Won’t bustle Anymore.. I want no trouble for your side" saying that she left..

"These were her last Words.." Every day she used to bid a Goodbye.. But this Goodbye had No Next morning..
Her dad and she left the next morning for Greenvalley..
Leaving behind John and his desolated World..
 35 long years and there was no news of her..

"Here It is our Home Sweet Home", said Michael standing infront of a three floor building..

This brought John Back To the brass tacks.. REALITY without Saraa..

-To Be Continued..
Next Chapter
Author: Parul Parihar & Priyanka Chahande


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