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Just Saying

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Chapter 3 - I too Had a Love Story - Back to Reality

"Why you look a little agitated..?", asked Michael while aligning his glasses.
"Me..? Oh No No All Good.. All Fine..", John Replied abstaining an eye to eye contact.

John mind was still leased with the thoughts of Saraa.. It seemed as if yesterday was the day when he was reclining on her cozy lap.. Playing with her golden hair.. Just Yesterday When She was there.. There with Him..
"Every Love Story Has a cessation.. Good or Bad"

But his Story was Still Waiting for A Full Stop..

"Doctor said That Henna is convalescing with time..", Michael Said With A beam all over his arid Face..

"Betimes she will be here with you..", John replied placing his hand over Michael's..

A loud bang on the door made Michael to ascend and attain the door..
A juvenile boy was standing in front with a white Envelope in his hand..
"Yes Son..", Michael said apprehending an answer from the other side..

"Uncle there is a Letter for Mr. John", he answered politely..

"Oh.. John.. Yes yes give it to me", Michael replied taking that envelope from his hands..

After taking the letter, he blotted the door..

"Who was there Michael.??", John catechized while cleaning the chess table..

"There is a letter for you John.. From.. Greenvalley..", Michael replied in a conventional tone..

 John was Benumbed for some time.. His ears could not accredit what they just hear.. Greenvalley.. He felt even his ears have Abdicated him..

The cleaning cloth descended on the floor from his drab hand and he sat on the adjacent arm chair..

"Who Wrote The Letter to Me.?", At last he asked after regaining back some strength..

"By Some SARAA SMITH", Michael replied still abashed by his atypical reaction..
*To Be Continued..
Next Chapter
Author: Parul Parihar & Priyanka Chahande


  1. Awsm,,,,, :/ :'(

  2. thankyou :)

  3. After taking the letter, he *bolted the door ;))


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