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Just Saying

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Chapter 5 - I Too Had a Love Story - Unbearable Loss

'WHAT.!!!', said John with mixed expressions of dismay and arduous..
He concuss Michael to Sit on a chair and got water for him..

'Nurse Nancy called from the Hospital.. She is no more.. How can she do this to me.. How can she leave me alone to combat with this miserable life.??' Michael said execrating the alluvion..

He was in consummate state of agitation.. His entire body was fluttering due to the inadmissible Loss..
John did not apperceive how to ameliorate him.. He was always animated by their unconditional Love..

'Go to the hospital.. Please Go.. I won’t Go there.. I won’t.. I can’t bid her a Good bye.. Please Go..', Michael was not in his senses..
With every single word he averred, he would bemoan more..

'Calm Down.. Calm Down.. You have to be strong.. For Henna', John Said assuaging him..
He sat next to him placing his hand on his shoulder..

'It’s all my fault.. My culpability killed my Henna.. She always told me not to bet on cards.. I did... And she died.. All my mistake..', Michael replied clanging his fist on the table..

'Listen Go To Hospital.. Go.. Arrange for her funeral.. Put a White Lilly from my side on her grave.. She loved it..', Michael continued refraining an eye contact..
He was talking more to himself..

John did not clout him to go along with him.. He knew how it felt to mislay someone so close to you.. To lose your one strength.. Only weakness..

With eyes filled with tears..John left for the hospital.

Michael was left isolated in the room.. He felt everything around was admonishing him for Henna's Demise..

He went to the Almirah to get an old photograph of Henna.. Something that could make him feel Henna again..

As he got up he was stumbled on a wallet.. It belonged to John.. He culled it up to keep it in the Almirah..

But his adepted eyes went on a white paper coming out from the lather wallet..

'The Letter From SARAA'..
*To Be Continued..
Author: Parul Parihar & Priyanka Chahande
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  1. Too short ......... :( .
    Nd updatd vry late :(
    bt ....amazing..story lykd it !!waiting 4 da nxt chptr!!!

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