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Just Saying

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Chapter 6 - I Too Had a Love Story - The Letter

Michael never catechized John about his private life.. For him it was never substantive..

An acrimonious past brought them all here together..
 But today there was something which was constraining Him to read that Letter..
He did not know what it was.??
With bedlamized expressions and jittering hands he took out the letter from the wallet..
His mind was ceasing him to go ahead but his heart as always did not listen..

Sitting on his arm chair.. He opened the letter.. The anxiety in him was rising with every living second..

Finally It Was There..
The white paper was filled with an alluring autography!
He started reading it.. Reading it with an enshroud contrition inside him..

My John
I know you had no hope that one day I will write to you.. Write to you after thirty five long years..
But somehow the Love Inside me Overpower my Other Responsibilities..
My Husband Eric died two months ago.. Since then I was looking for you.. I send many letters to your old address but no response..
The desolation was killing me.. I was passing away every moment silently..
I had no one.. My only son left me ten years before..
I had no family.. No love.!
Just then I heard from someone that you are living in this old Age Home..
In this phrase of life we both are Alone..
I know my decision to leave you was wrong but now I want to be with you again..
 I am no more that beautiful.. The charm has died.. The beauty has lost somewhere in the midst of this alienated world..

But I love you.!! I am waiting for you in Greenvalley.! We will start a new life together.. A new Home is waiting For you my beloved..


Somewhere the pain of losing Henna had become a little agile.. He was happy for John..his only friend over the years.!
"Atleast someone will get his true Love", Michael said to himself.

*To Be Continued..
Author: Parul Parihar & Priyanka Chahande
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  1. Waitin 4 da nxt chptr .... <3 !

    1. Mee tooo....!
      Waitin ...4 da nxt chptr!!

  2. Was dis last chptr??


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