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Friday, 12 April 2013

Chapter 1 - I Too Had a Love Story – Love @ Old Age Home

"You know your eyes are still so demoniac", he said looking deep into her anomalous eyes..

Her eyes started feeling the amore of his voice, as tiny tears were streaming down her cheeks..

Placing his jittering hand on her apathetic face, he brushed off the tears immediately..
"Don’t cry my angel.. I hate these tears.. Actually I envy them.. Cause they touch the most beautiful part of yours.. Your Eyes", he said with aroused feelings of unconditional LOVE..

She did not articulate a single word.. No agitation at all.. Mutely she was hearkening to every single word he spoke.. Words that were adjoining her soul..

"I had a great day today.. John and I played cards and that old fellow lost it again.. And see what I won..", he added with a briskness in his voice while taking something out from his pocket..

Even her eyes got impertinent to know what he wanted to show her..
"Ahaa.. Look this is it..", he continued taking out a dry rose..

"I won it for you my Love, you always grumbled about I buying you no gifts", he said with sparkling eyes..
"Let me put it on your hair.."

"It seemed as if he was putting flowers on her GRAVE.."

Adjacent to the door a nurse and the old John were left dolorous after catching the sight..

"Uncle Michael loves her so much..", said the young nurse while wiping her tears off..

"Umm..We are living in the OLD AGE HOME from so many years..The love Michael holds for Henna is unbelievable.. Who can say Henna is in Coma from last three years.? It seems she is living every MOMENT with Him", he annexed with a deep bemoan in his voice..
*To Be Continued..
Next Chapter
Author: Parul Parihar & Priyanka Chahande

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