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Just Saying

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Never Together... Never Apart - It was never meant to end!

The river is getting merged in the immense deep ocean. The sides are still apart. They kept their promise, They walked together till the end. However, still there is wetness in the heart; if only they could meet.


I slid my thumb on pick the call up; it was Samar.

“I will be reaching you in an hour. See you near the River Side restaurant.” He said in his sadness-dipped voice. He was sad, sad to be getting apart from the other side of river, Pari.

“I will be there. Are you sure we are meeting? It is the last time we are meeting?” I knew the answer, still I confirmed. I wanted him to say it. My heart wanted to live in the illusion that Samar didn’t wish to meet his Pari.

He didn’t reply. He just disconnected the call. I came back to the reality and made myself ready. I was combing my hair by looking at the reflection of a grown up lady in the mirror, who was going to live last few minutes with her soul mate. It was hard to see in my own eyes. I had no power left to face myself. Tears surfaced my eyeballs; As soon as my tears found a way to leak, a call interrupted the breakage of my emotions, it was Rishi. I got away from the view of my own reflection and received the call.

He called me just to check if I had my lunch properly or not but my mind was somewhere else, thinking about the last meeting of me and Samar. Rishi easily guessed that something was wrong with me, and he asked the reason with concern. I could not resist myself so I informed him that I was meeting Samar for the one last time.

Rishi just had one thing to say, “One last time? Why? Aren’t we going to stay over at his place when we go to Australia? And won’t he stay over at our place when he comes back to the country?”
Every word of his increased the respect I had for him in my heart. He respected our unnamed relation and moreover, accepted it.

“Can I drop you?” he asked nervously.

“I would love it if you accompany me” I replied as I really felt good with such an awesome support of his.

I got dressed within few minutes and ran downstairs on Rishi’s call which said “I am downstairs. Are you coming? Or I may leave,”. He tried to crack a joke I suppose.

Rishi opened the car’s door for me and drove me to the River Side restaurant. We drove comfortably to the location. I kept gazing at scenario outside the window. I was lost in the times that I had spent with Samar.

We reached the spot. Samar was standing there, holding the flap of his shoulder bag on his right shoulder. I got out of the car and so did Rishi. Samar did not expect Rishi to be there, and it obviously made him uncomfortable. We walked towards Samar, and as soon as we reached him, Rishi gave him a hard hi-five kind of hug which usually guys give to their guy friends while greeting.

“How are you doing brother?” Rishi said with a big smile on his face.

“I am good” Samar replied instantly smiling back at him. It seemed as if entire uneasiness and doubts vanished from his oscillating mind.

I smiled too. Well, this was something unusual in this world. No person is so brave and strong enough to accept the reality with such courage and happiness. Samar and Rishi, both were unusual creatures of this world and luckily, they were a beautiful part of my life. After sometime, Rishi sniffed his pocket for his cell phone, in the meantime, his cell buzzed for a call. He left us saying bye and moved out of sight from the place we were standing. Actually, he had pressed the button for a fake call, I had guessed it before that he was going to do something like this so that I and Samar can spend some alone time together.

“Want to sit in the restaurant or at the bank of river?” Samar said looking at the river flowing next to the restaurant.

“I will prefer the bank, we never know you might start crying in the restaurant, remember the coffee shop incident?” I chuckled.

Cool breeze kissed my eyelashes and cheeks. I smiled and asked, “Can I hug you for the last time?”

Samar remained quite. He clutched my hand in his hand and looked at the river saying, “Look the sides of the river finally met.”

I looked down at our hands which were holding each other tightly and then, looked at the river. 

“The sides can’t meet. If they will meet the water will stop flowing” I said looking at the running water down in the river.

“Can I hug you?” I asked again looking straightly into Samar’s eyes.

“I can’t hug you. Pari, if I will hug you right now, I might not be able to leave you. I might not be able to board Australia’s flight.”

His eyes were wet. He strengthened himself and said, “We must go now,” He tried to leave my hand. I started crying and hugged him tightly.

“If you can leave me after this last hug; I would understand the sides of river are never meant to meet.”

He hugged me back. I was lost deep in his chest and listened to his heart beat which were my reason to live. Few minutes he just kept me embraced in his world and I lived those moments of togetherness. We discussed about the new life which we were going to live in next few days. Next week, he was flying to Australia and see the horror of destiny or say it as coincidence, it is my wedding the same night.

“Rishi was saying you have to come over and stay at our place when you come here” I said as I left the hold of his hug.

“Tum mujhe dur nahi jane dogi na… I thought it is the last time we are meeting” he replied with a smile.

“Last time? It’s a long life Samar, we have a lot of meetings to do. I have to meet your unlucky wife na… and those dirty kids of yours too. I hope they won’t be ‘khadus’ like you” I joked.

I had seen a strange peace in Samar’s eyes that evening. He was happy that I was marrying the perfect guy who would not let a drop of tear roll down my cheek. I was in safe hands. Moreover, this is what he had wanted from the beginning, a wonderful life partner for me, unlike him.

After an hour long chit chat, we came to a decision that it was not the last time we are meeting; we would meet again whenever destiny will play its part. And I knew, we will meet soon. This time he would have his girl with him too. Rishi came back to the river side excusing that it was his boss’s call from London so he had to do a meeting over phone. Pretty little liar he was.

Back to Present :

Pari was happily smiling at me after she completed narrating her story after she explained her meeting with Samar last week. I had known Samar, he is an idiot. An awesome idiot but I dislike him because he is really ‘khadus’, I wonder how Pari can bear him. I moved closer to Pari and clutched her tight in my arms. It’s her wedding tomorrow. With her perfect guy, Rishi Varma. Yes, some stories don’t have the perfect ending, but then, they are perfect in their own way. This was one such perfect ending, although it seemed it was harsh… but it was a beautiful ending to their beautiful story.

“Sakshi, how am I looking?” Pari asked me as she got ready for the most important day of her life, her wedding. She looked like a princess in that red lehengha and choli. Yes, she looked like an angel down to earth by wrapping the stars of glory around her.

“You are looking like the most beautiful lady alive on the earth” I said and kissed her right cheek.

The wedding began and I stood there looking at a beautiful angel Pari and a wonderful human Rishi. They were getting bounded by a pure bond of marriage, and yes, they were the perfect couple. May be Samar and Pari were meant to share that unnamed relation and spend few wonderful years of their life together but they were never meant to be together forever.

I know, it is really hard to let go of someone you love so much but sometimes, it’s better not to be selfish for the sake of happiness and betterment of the other.

Samar and Pari were not getting married but it didn’t mean that it is the end of their story. They were still standing there, on that thin line between love and friendship, feeling that unnamed relation. Just life had moved on… this time, the sides were apart in two different directions in this ocean called life.

I glanced at my wrist watch. It was fifteen past nine, and within next few minutes, Samar will leave the country for his new beginning and here, Pari will get married and begin an all new life.
They taught me a new definition of love which can’t be explained, it just can be felt… a slight vibration on my hand brought my wandering thoughts back to present. It was Pari’s cell phone in my hand. She had received a message, from Samar.

It read, “I have promised you to be with you with my soul… and I will keep that promise until my soul cease to exist. Rishi would take care of you with all his heart, I no need to worry for it. And yes, we will meet soon. We would never say “Good Bye”, it would always be a “Hello”… I am just few hours away from you, one call and I would be by your side. Lots of love – urs, kamina”.

I looked up at Pari, and coincidently, she looked at me too. Our eyes met as if she knew Samar had messaged. She smiled at me, a smile that was so extraordinary, as if she had read the message from my eyes and replied saying “Yes Samar, go now. See you soon”. I smiled back at her… yet fighting with my dilemma of this unnamed relation… ♥
A goldfish under the water floor,
weeping in pain, everyone ignore.
The fish belongs to Pari’s love,
The love is crying, for its beloved,
The goldfish weeps and eventually dies,
Still, the memories, the soul of fish survives.
Soul never dies, nor the memories,
They will survive on our eyes edges,
Goldfish was mad, it never know,
If the sides meet, the water will stop to flow.
Apparently, Goldfish might has to died,
Nor the memories, nor the soul survives.
However, a wish left in Goldfish’s eyes.
A picture of love, Samar & Pari’s smiles.
Pari still wonders:
Only If I could save you for the rest of my life,
Only If I could spend my life as your wife.

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Drishti Dasgupta (Blogger at Because you'are- One of a Kind)


  1. Awsm work ...i was almost immersed into it....seemed like my own story :-/
    kudoss to u :)
    keep the goodwork.

  2. Great Job. Keep It UP.

  3. I could totally relate to my own story ... nice piece of writing... I could just say ... heart tugging story!


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