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Just Saying

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

RESOLUTION - An article by Abhishek Mishra

 Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe this would ever happen.

I remember how we used to talk for hours about anything and everything. But now why the reason to talk is mandatory..?
How we used to care about each other like anything. But now why each and every conversation hurts...?
The time we spent together was magical and so romantic that I never wanted it to end but now the wounds are endless.

Sometimes I found myself lost in the memories we left behind and my mind stops working. I always wanted to talk to you and you always said to me- Try to understand 'Abhu' how busy I am!! Maybe it would have been my fault that my heart does not understand at all in spite of infinite scratches given by you. Sometimes this all gets buried in busyness and May be Long distance would have been won over the pleasant memories of our past.

I wished I could just melt your heart, and make you love me with all my solo effort.
Although, Over and Over, Again I Tried Over and Over, Again I Cried Over and Over, Again I Died. You really made my soul bleed and Tears of grief makes me worthless....

Strapped, I am! Fearing the unknown future, I am not able to accept what is happening to me. I never protested against all the wrongs you did to me which is becoming my weakness for you.

I believed in you..I always did! I had tried my best to full fill almost all of your humiliating demands, proving my faith for you... But what the hell comes into my mind..? Were you a goddess, a divinity or a supernatural being ?? No..
I get it here. Again and again a choice ... to keep feeling .. to keep loving ..
The Love and the Pain becomes inseparable!!

As it is said that Relationships last long because two people made a choice. The decision to keep it, to fight for it, and to work hard for it...

Sometimes it feels so hard when it seems that all our love and all our attempts to help are rebuffed. Sometimes I wonder why do we even bother? Wouldn't it be easier to close our eyes to the pain to choose, not to see, not to love, And thus not to feel the hurt ourselves?

At this time, I make a resolution. I will not acknowledge this hurt any more. I will never tell anyone, even myself that I have had a knife in my chest. It is as much part of me as the heart itself. Yes! I want to go beyond you now and there is nothing good left to burn...!

Author:  Abhishek Mishra
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  1. woow!!..dats d spirit ..!!!

  2. Mind Blowing yaar.... Speechless..!

  3. kya baat hai dearrrr.......ulimateee..

  4. superb.. Keep ur spirits high! And never settle for anythng less than what u deserve...!! :)


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