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Just Saying

Friday, 19 April 2013

Rocks are brittle….when heart is in love!! -by Sobhan Pramanik.

Rocks are brittle….when heart is in love!!
-Sobhan Pramanik.

The rumbling sound of the cascade emerging from the milky glacier…was weaving a rhythm in its waves…
Mist that hung in the cold air embracing us sculptured dreams over the hope laden soul…
Ripples that forged the shore to kiss her unblemished feet had gulped the ripe pine shell into its bed…
The magenta hue that seemed to hold itself over the skin of welkin…just for us…

The choppy waters that overpowered massive rocks on its way…that swallowed pebbles to its eternity…’Why did it bow to us?’ ‘Why didn't it knock us over the bed of pebbles to realize the depth of its roar?’
‘Why did the flowing water seem to sing us a vehement piece of passion…when it had drowned a million voices in history??’
‘Why did the haze of mist allowed the wings of our dream to nudge the frozen air…when it had been the maze of extinction for millions??’
‘Why the ripples made from the pine shell stopped at my feet…when it was to be a wave questioning our existence?’
‘Why the magenta didn't fade even when the dusk was drowned in the lap of hibernation?’

                Like an unending chalice of interrogation…like an arrow with infinite rapidity…like a shrine with million visitors…and like the curly smokes of an extinguished candle…her thirst of quest was putting my realm of thoughts into some sheer shame…
…Her Prussian eyes camouflaged with the ripples wetting the feet…her somber bristles stood to defeat the numbness within me…
Finally I replied…
“ Isn't it love??”
                When the demons of nature that promised to defy the mortal existence…were blessing us the pleasure of life…

“ Isn't it love??”
                When the destiny seeking stream of waterfall lost its zeal before our togetherness…

“ Isn't it love??”
                When every untuned string of violin plays the melody of love…

May be…!! For it is that charismatic happening that can redefine the laws of nature to overpower the shackles of death…!!

Author- Sobhan Pramanik,  
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