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Monday, 22 April 2013

The Homing Pigeons : A Review by Purple Pen

The Title: The very first thing, which is actually unique about this book, is its Title ‘The Homing Pigeon’. Homing pigeons are train to carry messages and return home. They will generally return to their own nest and their own mates. It does not matter how far they are, how different their directions are. They will always find a way to come back…

Characterization: Characterization is indeed the basic need of any GOOD book. Sid took care of it from the very first page to the very last page. Kudos to the Author.
Alternative Aditya and Radhika chapters added uniqueness to the script and characters as well. Radhika’s characterization is beautiful. However, Aditya’s character could be pen down in a much better way.

Plot: After reading the title, my over brainy mind started to predict what is inside the cover. I never expect my mind to predict the plot. It makes a Novel boring. The Story becomes boring when you start predicting it, so was in case of ‘The Homing Pigeons’. I kept turning pages with a hope that, it is not another love story but it turned into one. However, the love description was worth reading. I loved it.

Teaser: A drink can often bring a change. On the very first page, Aditya finds himself sitting in a bar alone; alone enough to find himself. That’s when he meets Divya; a girl obviously. They have a little conversation. Then the leaves of story grow and Radhika comes into existence. Aditya is fighting with recession and the incomplete story in him. It is the story of a pigeon flying back to his love; making the nest again. The story was predictable but the ending astounded me. I just loved the Ending. Kudos!!

Writing Style: Well, talking about Sid’s writing, it never looked like a work of a debutant. Sid knew what he was writing and what he was supposed to write. He wrote exactly what he was supposed to write, I personally felt that.
Yes, I left my dinner to complete it. Being a foodie, it was really a difficult task. But, I managed to choose the book instead of my mother’s delicious food.
Editing: I am not much happy about the Editing. It could be better. It could be more effective and soothing.

Purploreous Unique Stuff:  The Title “The Homing Pigeon” is indeed the most unique stuff in the book.  :-)

Final Words: The Homing Pigeons is one of the best book delivered by Shristi Publications; A Page Turner and a worthy Investment.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Publisher : Srishti Publisher
Year of Publication : 2013
ISBN-10 : 9380349912
ISBN : 9789380349916
No of Pages : 328
Language : English
Cover : Paperback
Date of Publication : 2013
Author : Sid Bahri

- A Review By Team Purple Pen

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