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Friday, 17 May 2013

Silent Scream of my heart, by Anshuma Sharma

Little ‘n’ bitter some drops are there in my eyes…
And some darkness also crawls within the skies.

There is a heart with no feelings left…
Don’t even know from how long it hasn’t slept.

Eyes are closed and lost are dreams…
My heart is now empty all it does is only screams.

Loneliness is what all it can feel…
Nothings seem okay so that it could heal.

Lost in your thoughts here comes a smile…
Stays on my face for just a while.

Waiting for you so that this could cease…
May my soul find any kind of peace.

Now dry marks of bitter drops are there on my cheeks…
Only the darkness in my soul creeps.

My heart is unquenched as you left…
Wish for ever it will slept.

- Written By
Anshuma Sharma
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  1. if sir ravindra jadeja will read,he will also weep :-) awsum line from the bottom of heart..

  2. thanku Barkha ma'am
    and dhanyawaad puru bhaiya ;)

    1. u r welcome.. But barkha ma'am.. its ok..!! U can just call "Barkha"

  3. you are senior in both writing and age ;) that's why ma'am #respect dill se :) <3

  4. Somewhere near to Awesome

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