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Just Saying

Thursday, 2 May 2013

“WHY ME??” By Sobhan Pramanik.

“WHY ME??”
(A take on child labour)

By Sobhan Pramanik

I was born like any other kid…till you drew the line of discrimination.

When their innocence was kissed
…I was earning myself a living.
When they danced to joy as their parents got them balloons
…I suppressed my hunger just to work longer.
When they were held by the caring arms of their childhood
…I was torn by the brutal present.
I don’t have any regrets; but one question. Why me??

When they played with their friends on those grassy lawns
…I was walking the burning soil with shacks on my little shoulders.
When they got a bleeding knee, their mothers cleaned it with utmost care.
…I cried as my body hurt only to be scolded by the heartless master.
When they were being fed with care…
…I was left all bare.
I don’t have any regrets, but one question. Why me??

When they were groomed to dream of a grand life
…I shivered to see my grilling life.
When they went to school in tidy uniforms, to learn the laws of science
…I fought for my life in rags with shut conscience.
When they complained about the teacher being rude with them
…I never spoke a word against life that was literally beating me down every day.
I don’t have any regrets but one question. Why me??

Now when I see them talk about, how unfair life is…I just whisper to myself,
“You are lucky…I wish I was a part of your unfair journey…”

Author- Sobhan Pramanik,  
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