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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

“BORN FREE” By Sobhan Pramanik

By Sobhan Pramanik

Your NAME is just a noun till the time you are working over the draft of your life to accomplish the listed objectives. Once you are done with accomplishing your objectives, your name won’t just be a noun. It will then be the definition of Success.
And what if you don’t succeed in achieving your objectives?? It won’t be a definition to Failure, it will be declared as an Attempt to achieve something that was not meant for you.

Having legs is one thing, WALKING is another.
Having eyes is one thing, VISION is another.
Having life is one thing and LIVING yet another.

Everyone has got their own fate map with innumerable other routes crossing their paths. All you need to do is to locate the right path that connects your today with your destiny. Very often people with their vision misled by the dazzle of the other paths, tend to drown in the infiniteness lingering between you and your destiny. Learn to WALK the right path irrespective of how much alluring the wrong one is.
If the tidiness of water would have held the potter’s vision, then this world would have never seen a neat clay pot been built from the loose untidy clay.

In this journey of life, the vehicle of present takes you to that cross road of life where you halt for some time and look back the at the road travelled, only to question yourself the reason of your travel. There are times when life seems meaningless to you and you haplessly look for the reason that like the firefly once caught your attention in the darkness around you and suddenly disappeared into the darker sections of life. You plan to chase that shaft of light but the uncertainty in that darkness prevents you from chasing. Remember, speed breakers in this tiresome journey to destiny are only meant to delay your arrival not to culminate it. Enlighten your VISION, such that even the darkness of hell can’t make your goal go out of your sight.
If striking stones, just for once, would have created a spark then probably there wouldn't have been any match box in this world.

The opposite of Success is Attempt, not FAILURE. Even those people who walk the paths not meant for them, just to explore life, ultimately get drowned in an unfathomable ocean of quest are not failures. They are the ones whose lost tale stand to guide people to follow the path meant particularly for him/her. You came into this world crying. You will leave with people crying. But just like your birth, when people around you were holding a smiling face, your death must leave with them with a million such reasons to smile in your absence as well.
Live in such a way that every single tear rolling down the cheeks of your own people at the time of your death, must have the potential to dry with the heat of determination in them and not with the wipes of sympathy from someone. And then your life will be called as a LIVING.

Yes, you are born free till the time you are successful in -- locating the right path to walk -- develop the right vision to focus on your goals – living the life gifted to you.

With the armor of right path, right vision and a life worth living casing you, the venomous fangs of failure, defeat and regret won’t ever succeed in etching a dent on you.

Author- Sobhan Pramanik,  
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