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Just Saying

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ladder & Snakes, By HAC

There often comes a time when you feel good talking to yourself. Life is not a cup of tea. It is a game of Ladders and snakes. Snakes are the sad moments in life and Ladders lift you up. Life is the most criticized thing of this world. Sometimes you wish to live it; sometimes you wish to quit. Everything is a part, part of the unavoidable Ladders and snake game. 

You are just a piece of wood painted in different colors to distinguish between the opponents. Your destiny is the one throwing dice and telling the number of steps you have to walk. These steps will lead you to the something good or bad. You can’t decide whether it is good or bad until you complete the journey. A ladder or a snake bite can’t decide your fate, but the dice of destiny can. They say ups and downs are the part of life. Are they? Really? In fact, life is the time we spend in fixing ups and downs. So, it should be said that “Life is the journey we spend fixing Ups and Downs.”

We keep sewing our life with happy and sad moments and soon they form a sweater of memories; The sweater which warms us. It covers the real ‘YOU’ from the outer world. They can see how decorated or safe you are. But they can’t see the one sobbing inside in the web of memories. The one shivering under it.It is the real ‘YOU’. Helpless.Sad.Avoided. Hurt. Every phrase of you is screaming inside. It can’t come out. It has to stay in. You need to face new ups and downs. You need to prepare yourself for new challenges, new relationships, new problems. But the sweater of memories will keep you safe. It will provide you a cushion. New people won’t be able to hurt you with the same intensity like the previous one did.

Every person is a lesson to you. They lead you to at least something new;new enough to teach you how to live in this uncertain world. Until you die…

-Himanshu Appie Chhabra 

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