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Just Saying

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Frame Of Mind: Part 4

Part 4: The first taste of liquor-1

Present Day: 6th June 2012
I was standing by the bus stand, waiting for my bus (No. 545). One of the advantages of being in the city like Mumbai, there are buses and local trains connecting almost all the parts of the city. We only need to ask the fellow passengers, and they will happily guide you through. Some may even stand up along with you if they are to get down at the same stop, or the next one.
The bus was late than its usual arrival, and I saw a few boys dragging one of their friends to the nearby liquor shop. As far as I could hear, it was his birthday, and that it was his queue for funding the party that day. It took me back to my college days, and the day I tasted it for the first time. 

The Liquor Day...
Back in the college days: 24th April’07.
Still trying to overcome the aftershock, I had cut myself out of the league of friends. I used to spend more time with myself. Rohit called me several times that day. When I did not pick the calls, he dropped by at my place. My mother told him that I was studying in my room, and kept my phone outside. I lied. 

He knocked at my door and stepped in. He saw some old notes scattered around, with the AIEEE question bank open on the table. The exam was around the corner, and I was trying as hard as I can to clear this exam and leave JEC. The sooner I do the better. I thought. 

But Rohit was no kid. He understood that I was bluffing. He could see the scribbled notes, and observed that the preparation isn’t taking me anywhere. But he kept the thought to himself and told me that I needed some fresh air. I nodded. Rohit told my parents that we will be staying at Ankit's place for some studies. I took my Backpack and followed him to his bike. 10 minutes later, we were driving through the MR4 towards Civic Center, where Anand and Ankit were already waiting for us. They had plans... all of them. The script had been written, and Rohit was the director.

Civic Center was in the heart of town. There were big restaurants, Gadget shops, banks, Malls and Shopping complexes (under construction). But our interest was not in the big restaurants. Instead, we enjoyed the coldness of air on the grass of the huge garden, right at the center of the area. Under the light of the stars, and an occasional tube light like feeling every 30 days (you know what I’m talking about) it was the best place to discuss the lives of college (and beyond sometimes).  At least for the four of us it was.

To be continued...

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