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Just Saying

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Book Review:

“” seems like a perfect website for bachelors seeking love. But no, This is the title of the book I have just read. The book is written by “Neeta Iyer” and is being published by one of the leading publication house “Jaico”

Why to pick this book? Well, we are Indians and it’s our habit to get entertainment from someone other’s life’s problems.  As the name suggest, this book talk about finding a perfect match to get married. The protagonist “Swati Kannan” is seeking for the one RIGHT guy who can come in her life and ting the ‘ghanti’ of her heart. This 29 year old girl seriously wants to marry before she attains an unmarriageable age.

The turning pages of the book will let you encounter the different guys she met in her journey to feel that ‘ghanti’ in her heart and then eventually to get married. It seems like as if getting married is a MISSION nowadays. I am still single and happy. Thanks to god. :P

Swati Kannan is an RJ; good looking and an interesting bee. Her life is flooded with so many problems and this adds a real crisp to the book. As I said earlier we are Indians and other’s problems are our entertainment.  The book is a popcorn ride for readers.  I loved it as a reader.

Why this book is unique?

It doesn’t offer that idiotic “One girl…One Boy… A meeting… Love… BANG… Game Over” type of idiotic stories.

It is said that if one can buy you a smile never let that person go. Neeta Iyer will gift you that smile @1999 (Don’t forget about online websites offering discounts & yup I got this copy for free. :D Lucky reviewers)

It is a raw data for all the Bachelors :-D

Now Characterization, Well the characterization is done properly. All the characters were acceptable as they were portrayed by the Author. But, having a new boy in every new chapter makes it too difficult to digest the characters by the readers.

The writing skills are nice. Author has written this book very well. There wasn’t any so-called-boring-English, which most of the Indian Authors use. All n all the book is pretty nice.


Final Words:  Every Chapter tells a New-guy-Encounter story. I felt Author has done a good research and formed a good treat for the readers.  This is the perfect book for you, if you want to laugh and if you are too bored of those A-girl-A-boy-LOVE-Happens kind of stories.

Purple Pen Blogs Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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