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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Book Review: Hiccups by Harsh Pande

 I am done reading ‘Hiccups’ by Harsh Pande, Published by Jaico Publications. I loved the title and found it unique. Talking about the Book cover, Well, The Book Cover isn’t as interesting as the story inside. I found the cover quite simple and unattractive. Moreover, it doesn’t match the story line completely. I hope Jaico pays some attention on their Book Covers next time.

The Script: First few pages of the book reveal the unfair life of protagonist. His dad is no more and his mom is struggling in the ICU, dead still alive; in coma. The story grips the readers when the protagonist tears the mercy cheque given by his uncle for his mother’s operation and Hospital bills. 

His mother struggles the three years in coma and meanwhile he struggles with his engineering degree. Nevertheless, both the struggles need money to pay off the expenses. He was good at studies and so he used his brain to earn. He tries to seek for quiz competitions around which offers cash rewards as prizes.
Meanwhile a girl notices this mysterious guy in the college. He just attends the lectures and leaves the college on his cycle; no friends, no other activities. The urge to know this guy more the girl forced herself in a quiz contest. She wasn’t Einstein but probably other girls (read competitors) messed up the qualifiers and somehow she qualifies.   

I failed to remember the character’s names as the author hardly used them anywhere. Names weren’t in the blurb and hardly somewhere in the whole 327 pages book. I didn’t like it much.

They both make a good team and represent themselves in the India’s biggest quiz contest ‘Fastermind’. The prize money offered was huge. He desperately wants to win it and she desperately wants to know him more.
I loved the quizzes happening, they gave me goose bumps, and when the quiz ended, I realized that I have completed half of the book. First half was just awesome, gripping, and nail biting. I loved the way author put his efforts in making the quizzes unique and interesting. Kudos to the narration too, it was just perfect.
However, the second half wasn’t as interesting as first one. The story turns out to be a typical Yash-Raj-Productions movie. Everything was so predictable and boring. Yet, the narration keeps the story alive and makes it a page-turner.

Characterization: The Characterization was good. Nothing seemed wrong and yes I could see the characters entertaining in front of me very easily.

All and all the book is a necessary read at least for the First half. I want to share my personal favorite lines from the book. It says…

“Watching a quiz is like watching a porn, you may never be as good as participants; but it’s great fun to watch and one might just learn something at the end of it”

Now don’t expect this book to be erotica. :-P

If the end wasn’t predictable, I must have given this book high ratings but I felt a sigh of disappointment in last few pages. For me it’s a 3.5 out of 5.

-A Review By Team Purple Pen

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