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Just Saying

Friday, 19 July 2013

Dark Colours!

When in life you badly fail
And you are no longer capable to sail
You feel lonely
There is sadness only

And you run as you cry
You can no longer try
All your laughter is gone
You curse the day you were born

All your dreams are shattered
The pain no longer mattered
You are tired of fighting
And you want to go in a hiding

The failure grips you
The weakness catches you
No one to share your feelings with
No one to sit with

No one can understand you
You feel that the whole world is cursing you
All the happiness has been squeezed out
You want to just shout and shout

All your spirits dampen
Sometimes it just happens
It’s like a silent blast
It gives a familiar ache that lasts

You let your emotions flow
But you don’t want to show
Your life turns black and white
And there is no light

You feel it is the end of the world
You want to get curled
But no sympathizing arms are around
No humble and relaxing sound

You want to moan
You want to be left alone
You don’t know what to do
You just keep on feeling blue

Such sad moments leave a mark
That makes your world look so dark
These dark colours win your soul
You even forget your goal

Everyone just blames you
And they hate you
But one thing they don’t know
In life, it is important to fail too…


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